Good morning to you

When Hats asked me to write this release post, I panicked a little. English is not my first language and I have been feeling down lately, which doesn’t help with inspiration. I have gotten better over the years but a part of me still believes that I don’t deserve to be successful and happy. Dealing with these feelings has been harder than usual these last few months, which is why I have been inactive for some time. It is part of the reason why you didn’t get a release earlier. Everything is not bleak though. Summer has finally arrived, after an unusually long winter. These are the months that I love the most. At this time of year, the flowers of the linden tree next to my house get golden when the sun sets. It never fails to lift my mood. Today, fittingly, I bring you some of my favorite projects. I hope you will enjoy these chapters as much as I did.

Download links:

&-and- Chapter 20: Download | Read Online

Futagashira Ch.4: Download | Read Online

Futagashira Ch.5: Download | Read Online

Principal Ch.24: Download | Read Online

Teke Teke Rendezvous Ch.16: Download | Read Online