One, two, three, four Tell me that you love me more

“I spy with my little eye a familiar bespectacled grump.

I bet it’d disparage Sekine to find out that he was made into plastic. Thanks to vanille for sharing this with us. (You must buy it, you must!)

Anyway, for all of you Canadians (who are lucky enough to own Feist), I hope you had a great 1st. For all of you Americans, happy belated 4th. (If you’re here, it must be because you’ve managed not to set everything on fire by shooting illegal fireworks into nearby trees this year.) For everyone else, long time no see. And by long, we mean loooong.

Your belated presents are below:

Natsuyuki Rendezvous v2 c6 Download/ Read Online
Otoko no Issho *NEW* v1 c1 Download/ Read Online
Principal v2 c5 Download/ Read Online
Sekine’s Love v2 c10 (end volume) Download/ Read Online

I know you thought we’d disappear forever, but we’re here, once again, to prove you wrong.