Just You, Me, and Sekine

Forgive me, Readers. Here I am sitting on a wooden crate in the middle of my bedroom, surrounded by boxes upon boxes and stringed up books and manga. My laptop is resting on a detached piece of ply-wood, which I slid on top of two, stacked up filing crates from Wal-Mart to create a makeshift table. I feel like I cursed the release by setting a deadline for myself. Who knew I’d have so many obstacles in my way just trying to come online? My laptop going haywire, for one. PS keeps glitching on it. But when I think of all the obstacles the Sekine’s Love staff had to go through in order to finish the final chapter, my daily battles seem to pale in comparison.

I wish I could have least made a special card for them. I mean, we are going to be putting out the last and final chapter of Sekine’s Love, for Pete’s sake! My original plan was to release it with the revised editions of Volumes 1-4 and give everyone a big surprise. But just look at my current living situation. It’s like fighting an uphill battle right now. Revised chapters will eventually materialize. skippyskippy has already tackled the first part of it. Guess right now it’s only a matter of when. Lots of chapters I needed to get out but was unable to. I’ll chip away at them slowly until I find a new apartment.

Tonight, it’s just you, me, and Sekine.

And now without further ado…

Sekine’s Love Chapter 32 – Final Chapter: DOWNLOAD | READ ONLINE