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This is gonna be a good one. We slowly are getting things done behind the scenes. We are excited and loving our projects again.

So let’s discuss the releases.

We finish what we start. A BIG thank you to Megan, Hirolove, and Hats (don’t worry, she’s still here) for your time and hard work on & -and- Chapter 25

Another chapter of Toribako House, yay! We are mighty determined to get this series done this year, fingers crossed!

3 AMMMMMMMMMM Terrible Zone, I know I know. Everyone loves 3 AM. What a fun series and fun to work on. Enough enough of chit chat. Gooooo and read it!

FYI Hats wanted to redo Sekine ch 1 to make it more pretty and sparkling. No, really, it’s because she wasn’t happy with the initial translations so the version 2 is up and waiting in the SH reader.

Happy reading!


    Chapter 1 version 2


   Chapter 3


   Chapter 25


   Chapter 8