Jejeje~ It’s time for a release!

I’ve been sitting here for well over two hours, fingers hovering over the keyboard, at a loss over what to write about. It’s not that I don’t have anything to talk about, but the words aren’t coming. Usually they just gush out as I hack away at my keyboard like a madman.

Honestly I feel like I’ve neglected these projects for way too long. I know this because as I was reading over Sekine’s Love Chapter 31, Utada Hikaru’s “Bouquet For You” was playing in the background, and nearing the end, I started tearing up. I was a soggy-eyed, drippy-nosed mess of a woman, alone in her room in front of the computer screen weeping like a baby, all because I missed an emotionally-stunted manga character.

Anyway, I’m sorry, Heel’s Staff. I really am. While you guys were working so hard, I was laying around in my underwear, eating bags of hot cheetos, crying and laughing to 156 episodes of Amachan. And while you had worked so hard, I was sitting on my hands, thinking about how I may be having a girl crush on Nounen Rena, how it sucks that her dumb agency denied her roles in Attack on Titan and Chihayafuru, and that I’ll freaking write them a letter to tell them how much they suck!

Now that she’s at least back doing a voice role for upcoming animated film, “In This Corner of the World”, my feelings of ire have settled down somewhat, and my health will at least allow me this spark of energy to bring the readers these wonderful chapters you’ve helped me to produce.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Sparks for helping with the translations for & (Okazaki Mari) during a time where I’ve been down in the dumps and unable to provide a decent translation to save my life, and also to filli, who is a new volunteer I’m just getting to know. Hopefully one day she’ll be able to take my place here once and a while so that you’ll get to know her better too!

Happy Reading!
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Nina My Love Ch.14 DDL

Sekine’s Love Ch.31 DDL