Cause for a Celebration

Today is my birthday…I really wanted to release some chapters that I especially love. One didn’t make it this time due to a busy schedule and finishing up other things first. Next time for sure. Sad…

This project is close to my heart. But this project has a unique beginning, there were a couple of groups who really wanted to claim it. We were one of them. we started to work on it but…. another group did the same, after much debate and discussion, we decided to give up on it because of fairness and we already had a favorite project from this mangaka. This story doesn’t end… I decided to go over to that group to freelance and clean for them after chapter 3. After all that drama, delays, and real-life stuff, I managed to persuade the admin for that group who picked up this project to let us help to get it released.

Did you guess what project? My favorite project here for Stiletto Heels?

Two words. *drumroooollll* The favorite is 3 AM I couldn’t work on due to its popularity among our staff. I had to settle for the next favorite…


It turned out to be the best thing for me. I had to beg ShoujoHearts to let me clean for them. I met really wonderful people over there. We occasionally traded and supported each other’s projects. Everything worked out in the end.

Due to Sandaime being ShoujoHearts’ project and the admin (Avelys) is on hiatus right now due to her busy schedule. We cannot release it into our online reader, but we got permission to release it on Mangadex. At a later date, when Avelys have time, she will upload it into her website reader. I’ll provide the link to the Sandaime chapter here.

Thank you to all ShoujoHearts staff who put their hard work into this and Hats offering her QC services to help to get it released. A BIG thank you to Avelys for letting us help and get it released until she comes back.

Let’s not forget wonderful Omi, our favorite teacher who cares. Here is the sixth chapter. Two more chapters to conclude this series. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Happy reading!


     Chapter 6


     Chapter 1 via Mangadex (ShoujoHearts’ release)