Righting the Ship

Well, hello, my fellow manga lovers. I have been with Hats for over 10 years. Yep… that long. For the last few months, I begged Hats to release some completed chapters to get us back on the map. But life happens, at the moment, Hats can’t be 100% committed to the group. No worries, she will be around in a limited capacity and probably lurking behind the scenes. Big Hats (brother) is watching. *winks*

What I can offer you guys right now is to get one chapter out at a time, the consistency (try to get a chapter or more out every month), and I will get used to taking over the responsibilities of the group (QCing, getting stuff together, uploading, etc… all boring stuff). However, the main priority is to finish older series (or ones that are so close to ending, I mean you…Futago! Soon, I promise).

We will NEVER QUIT or ghost you all without a word. Remember, the tortoise always wins.

Here are the releases:

     Chapter 5

     Chapter 7