The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Project Update)

Well, folks, now that our anniversary is out of the way, it’s that time again! Ah, I can already hear the collective groaning.

The Good: We are winding down on a few lengthy projects such as 3 am Dangerous Zone, Balancing Toy, Natsuyuki Rendezvous and Futago. Ane no Kekkon and Otoko no Issho will have more consistent releases. We will be releasing a new chapter from Heartbroken Chocolatier and Tokyo Alice soon, as well as Love Master X, Nikotama, and Omi-sensei no Binetsu. For those who have asked about Kawachi Haruka’s Chiruhi, we will be releasing this project in its entirety in the near future.

The Bad: There may not be anymore releases of Heartbroken Chocolatier after Volume 1 for quite a while unless we can get someone to stick around and help, at least with the redraws for Volume 2. Balancing Toy also needs a dedicated cleaner or it will be seeing slower releases.

The Ugly: We’re short on staff. I mean, really, really short. Like desperate enough to hatch a plot to infiltrate other groups and bribe their editors (but not dirty enough to go through with it.) Below is a list of projects that are in need of help. (I know, that’s a heckuva lot, eh?)

NEEDS: A raws prepper

NEEDS: A dedicated cleaner

NEEDS: A cleaner

NEEDS: A dedicated cleaner

NEEDS: A dedicated cleaner for Volume 5 (last volume!)

NEEDS: A few cleaners

NEEDS: A cleaner and typesetter

NEEDS: A few cleaners

NEEDS: A dedicated cleaner


NEEDS: A Redrawer

NEEDS: A dedicated cleaner and typesetter

Please help if you are able!

A Desperate Mimi

P.S. If you’re wondering, “Why this film?” The answer is simple. 1) I needed to get my message across in a mildy entertaining fashion and 2) Growing up with a Thai father who dreamed of coming to America to become a cowboy, I was subjected to this film a total of 44 times.