Dishin’ Out the 411: Project Updates – Galore!

We’ve started this year off to a pretty good start, and it looks like we’ll be making headway with a lot of projects in the upcoming months. As an added bonus, we’d like you to know where we stand on our current and upcoming projects.

3 AM Dangerous Zone (Nemu Yoko): To think that a pair of hairy, male buttocks (Takki’s to be exact) lured me into buying this series. Now we’re seven chapters in and have up to 9 chapters cleaned. billybare is currently the editor for this project, but will still need some help wrapping this series up, so that we can get started on the sequel, and then the sequel to the sequel(!) – What are those called? Anyway, there are a lot of laughs left in store for Momoko & Crew. Please come and help us
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Typesetter

& (Okazaki Mari): This series has been known to make editors cry. Not only from the gorgeous – by gorgeous, I mean intoxicating – and detailed artwork, but also because of its massive redraws. Mari knows her craft and is constantly experimenting on &, so the effect is both utterly mesmerizing (for readers) and utterly destructive (for editors). There are also a lot of mature scenes in here. Enough to put an escort girl to shame.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, EXPERIENCED Cleaner (or one that is able to handle a little tough love from our head editor, Lilanar.)

Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo (Ikuemi Ryo): Okay, another Ikuemi Ryo series? Say what? I’ve been in love (in a non-lezzy way) with this woman since I started reading her in the late ’90s. She just keeps getting better and better. This series takes a more serious turn in nature than her usual works because it deals with adultery, but it has her signature humor injected throughout, and I love how she characterizes everyone through dialogue, rather than spoon-feeding us information. A mistake that other mangakas tend to fall prey to, as if they think we’re drooling babies.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Cleaner, Typesetter

Ane no Kekkon (Nishi Keiko): I know a manga is good when I’ve found myself laughing out loud more than once, and this is one of those LOLWHUT? kind of series. Chapter 2 is cleaned and translations are in the works. We have the next four chapters scanned.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Cleaner, Typesetter

Balancing Toy (Yamakawa Aiji): We’re done with Volume 1 cleans. Huzzah! Now if only we can get someone to help out with Volume 2. I think the character dynamics and relationships are so beautifully portrayed in here. Probably one of the most fuzziest, heartwarmiest series we have on board. Seiji and Haru are so adorable! I know you can’t resist!
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Cleaner

Bitou Lollipop (Iketani Ricaco): After much deliberation, we have decided to drop this project and allow Forbidden Garden to spearhead it on their own. However, we will still be providing raws for them.

Chiruhi (Kawachi Haruka): Story 2-5 have been scanned and Story 2 has already been cleaned. We’re in the process of translating.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Cleaner

Even Children Become Adults (Sato Yukie): Chapter 1 was originally cleaned by Elanor, but the raws were dirt-poor quality, so I’ve decided to re-scan them all. Kelpie helped complete Ch.1 cleans. Ch.1 and Ch.2 have already been translated.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Proofreader, Cleaner, Typesetter

Futago (Iketani Ricaco): At first I was very skeptical whether people would actually enjoy this series. I thought I’d be the only one in a crowd of jeering, manga-hungry readers/vultures. I mean, in actuality, there are only four tangible characters and mostly dialogue with not very much action (if any) at all. Who could actually enjoy this but me? However, I decided to take the plunge and translate Futago, and now look what it’s brought? So many lovely people who became as hooked on Yukari, Akari, Naomi and Miki just as much as I did. So glad I took the gamble.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper

Gad Sfortunato (Basso): Another one of those stories that make me feel slightly jealous that all these 2-D hot men only have the hots for each other. But we want them to rip the pants off each other anyway, don’t we? (joking haha) Lapin Peluche (a Russian group) has teamed up with us to clean this project. We’re in the process of translating Ch.3-4 and waiting on Ch.5-7 cleans.
NEEDS: We’re good on this one. 🙂

Heartbroken Chocolatier (Setona Mizushiro): Ugh, why do these characters make me feel so forlorn? Occasionally the creeping sense of doing evil on Souta because of his horrible obsession is overwhelming, but then the chocolates are just so, so delicious-looking and lovely. (I guess I’ll preserve his life for now.) We will be releasing the COMPLETE first volume shortly, which includes fixed typesets for Ch.1-2. I just wasn’t satisfied with the way it looked, and since it’s going to be a long series, this was my way of taking the mental thorn out of my flesh. We have teamed up with a Russian group called Aniblog. They will be helping out with cleans.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Experienced Typesetter (or at least one that’s willing to train)

Junai Rosen (Fujisue Sakura): You may be more familiar with her other work, Ano ko to Issho. Oh, man, no offense to her fans, but I really suffered through reading it and the ending left me traumatized for a very long time (and possibly numb on one side of my brain). Good thing I have her old tankos to fall back on. This was one of the better stories she churned out, though the artwork is pretty dated, if not downright ugly. I really thought the characters were adorable in this one, and by the end of it, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Ch.2-3 has been graciously translated by magpie, though it’s largely incomplete and needs a thorough Japanese proof (by none other than moi). The chapters have also been cleaned as well.
NEEDS: Typesetter

Kiyoku Yawaku (Ikuemi Ryo): A joint with Perfect Illusions. We are trying to contact them right now to get this project going again. However, in the case that we do not hear from them within the month, we will be going solo on this project.
NEEDS: Cleaner and Typesetter

Love Master X (Moyoco Anno): Ah, what josei group would be complete without the likes of an author as wickedly hilarious and obscenely brave as this woman? I want to bandage my eyes during certain scenes, but then again, I can’t resist seeing what crazy antics these characters are up to next. The very suave and hard-working Kelpie is churning away at Volume 1 cleans.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper and Typesetter

Mani Mani (Unita Yumi): This was a joint with Hotcakes and it’s still ongoing. We just haven’t got around to it yet. Translations are under way for the last two chapters. Oh, man, the last two stories are really, really adorable.
NEEDS: We’re good on this one. 🙂

Natsuyuki Rendezvous (Kawachi Haruka): Volume 3 and Volume 4 will be released as entire volumes. We have up to Ch.12-13 typesets in hand already. With the anime out, the fever has died down a bit, but we still think that it’s a great project and are DEFINITELY working on this behind-the-scenes. We only have one more volume to go and a little bit of help could go a long way. Let’s help wrap up our first long series!
NEEDS: Raws Prepper

Nigeru Otoko (Natsume Ono): There are only two chapters left!!
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Cleaner, Typesetter

Nikotama (Watanabe Peco): Chapter 1 is currently being cleaned by Flapper Girl. I’ll also be scanning the remaining chapters for Volume 1 shortly and working on translations as well.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Proofreader

Nina My Love (Ikuemi Ryo): Acedia has mercifully helped us clean up to Ch.9. Ch.7 will be released shortly. We’re also in the process of translating Ch.8-9.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Proofreader and Cleaner

Nobody Cry (Sato Yukie): akiyamacho has signed up to help with the series and cleans for the first story are under way.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Proofreader, Typesetter

Otoko no Issho (Nishi Keiko): Gazechic has taken over the typesetting for this project until further notice. I think this is one of those series that takes a while to warm up to you. I started really enjoying it after Ch.3~4.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Cleaner (for Volume 2-4)

Principal (Ikuemi Ryo): I could gush over this manga all day. It’s undeniably, hands down, my favorite shoujo series right now. Shima is also undeniably, hands down, my favorite shoujo heroine to read. The moment I get this manga in hand, I ooh and ahh over it for a full hour before unwrapping it from its plastic wrapping. Lypiphera is currently typsetting Ch.8 and 8.5, while hoi is typesetting the Volume 2 extra. We also have cleans up to end of Volume 4, and pirato4ka will be working on Volume 5 shortly.
NEEDS: Proofreader

Sekine’s Love (Kawachi Haruka): Sekine is the most adorable male character to ever grace the pages of a manga EVER. Even my older sister, who is immune to men (other than her husband) finds him irresistable and has even taken up knitting as a hobby. Lilanar is currently working on Ch.13-15 cleans, while I’m working on the translations. With the help of donors, we were also able to purchase the Volume 4 tanko and that will be scanned soon.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Proofreader

Silent Summer Snow (Yoshii Rin): Done with Ch.1 translations, which have been sent to a proofreader. This is a very heartwarming story. Unfortunately, the mangaka got into a legal bind with her plagiarism case (because she copied the pose and clothes from a magazine photo). I was really loving the series she was working on that was running in COOKIE, but they decided to pull it, and she just fizzled into obscurity afterwards.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Proofreader, Cleaner

Teketeke Rendezvous (George Asakura): Why does this project scare so many editors away? Why oh why? I will probably have to sacrifice a lamb to the manga gods in order to find myself another worthy cleaner. Yes, there are some massive redraws required. But this series is SO worth it. Currently, Lilanar is typesetting CH.4, vanille is prepping CH.6-8, while Minelauva will handle the cleans.
NEEDS: Raws Prepper, Experienced Cleaner (for Volume 2), Redrawer (for Volume 2)

Tenshi no Tamago (Iketani Ricaco): We are going to release this series in its entirety. Cleans have already been produced by pirato4ka, while hoi will be taking over the typesets.
NEEDS: Proofreader

Torch Song Ecology (Ikuemi Ryo): We have cleans in for CH.1 by pirato4ka and CH.2-5 are currently being cleaned by Kiwango/Mangiwi. Translations are under way as well.
NEEDS: We’re good on this one. 🙂

Toribako House (Unita Yumi): Sometimes when I remember this series, I think to myself, “Why did I ever leave you behind?” That’s how I feel about it. It’s a really funny story, but I don’t know why it keeps getting left in the dust. So far, we have cleans from Ch.4-Ch.6. Translations are under way as well.
NEEDS: Cleaner, Typesetter