Taking Her Sweet Time.

I’m sure you all want to grab me by the throat by now for making such a grand exit [Yes, I’m that irresistable], but I had a very legit reason. I know, I know. The links are down because I didn’t inform the host during my absence, so he’s kicked me to the curb. I nearly called it quits if it wasn’t for the huge surge of emails and comments that kept harassing me out of my deep hibernation. *Shakes fists at YOU and YOU and YOU*

Links on the website will re-upped by Tuesday soon , and we will be releasing again shortly. WE WILL NO LONGER ALLOW HOSTING OF OUR PROJECTS for practical reasons.

If you want us to survive until the projects you love are finished, then please follow this simple rule. I am not afraid to briefcase my projects and high-tail it for the Swiss hills.

/Slight edit: Because my inbox got spammed with comments about Bitou Lollipop, we’re happy to inform you that we are still continuing with the project, though it will be a joint with Forbidden Garden and until I get the raws and translations, I can’t give a lead time on when we will start releasing for the project again.

However, on an unfortunate note, I lost the Himawari raws file, and it was my last copy. The manga is no longer in print, so I will do my best to try and find it at the used book stores. The worst news yet to come concerns only those following Heart o Uchinomese! We’re not capable of continuing with the project, so we have decided to drop it. However, the good folks over at Evil Flowers have picked it up from Ch. 6, so watch out for the new releases there!