やばい。。。 (Crap.)
眠くて瞼が。。。 (My eyelids…are…)
重かった。。。 (…heavy with sleep…)

The few Chocolatier readers we have left will probably get their knickers in a twist seeing this back-to-back release. I’m sure SwirlyOwl will be one of the first lined up. She’s poured her heart and soul into cleaning this dastardly manga, and I hope we won’t let her – and her knickers – down. Katrina Yabu, if you’re still out there, floating around in e-space, and if you’re still reading us, this was officially your first and last chapter with the group. We – No, I – sort of did you wrong. I sat on Chapter Four for nearly half a year before deciding to get up off my lazy butt and work on it. Though this will bear little resemblance to your original work, just know that we appreciate you volunteering your precious time. Aerial’s typesets were a god-send, truly. And a big thanks to cheesecrayons and Hyeomi as well, both of whom have retired quietly and peacefully. As for the actual content of these chapters? Well, nothing short of angst, angst, and more angst from our drama queen, Souta. I wish he’d grow a pair. Either act on his feelings or give her up. These games are too much!

Mayama and Kanna’s paths collide last we saw them, with Ai reeling off-balance from the force. I’m steeling myself for more heartache because Haruta’s death looms overhead, and they cannot NOT talk about him, right? Mayama and Kanna are bound together by his death because they had “betrayed” Haruta. So I think that in that sense, Ai, who isn’t a part of that past, wants to bridge the chasm between Mayama and herself, but doesn’t know how. If only he’d let her in. I just feel so frustrated for her sake because Mayama has a ton of baggage.

By the way, this chapter marks Natsu’s FIRST chapter with the group. Hoo-RAH! And Megan, I know you’ve been a little down, but m(_ _)m x infinity for pitching in to help with cleans. I will forever love you for it.

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I’m having a field day with these goofed up releases. Nyaaargh! A few fixed pages here and there; a few minor missing translations filled in. Gosh-darnit! I need to stop touching Minelauva’s beautiful typesets!

Yes, it’s Sekine… and a bit of Sara to quake your thirst. It’s been a while, and I didn’t know I could miss these two so much. I want them togetHERR. I want them tooogeetther pur-rease. ((´д`)) To the staffers I handcuffed into finishing up the job – Swirly Owl, Ximena (our brand, spankin’ new freelancer), skippyskippy, and octopush – kudos, and I’m sure you enjoyed it. skippy worked like a maniac. Thus is the love of this typesetter for our beloved Sekine. ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

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Case of the missing translations? Yes, I know… Sometimes I can be a total dweeb and overlook these things.
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