Once in a while, I want to gush over manga, too.

Today’s releases will bring to a close the first volumes of 3 AM Dangerous Zone and Natsuyuki Rendezvous and Volume 2 of Bitou Lollipop. *Insert angelic “Ahhh” here* This means progress right? Right?

While the first two stories are almost polar opposites of each other, in everything from art style to story-telling, they do have one thing in common: A solid first volume ending on a high note.

With 3 AM Dangerous Volume 1, we followed our aspiring illustrator Momoko, as she struggles at her new job in a pachinko designing office; recuperates from the sight of a co-worker’s hairy buttocks; goes through a weird break-up/make-up sort of deal with her ex-boyfriend who is “tool” enough to say, “You only come here for my bed!” but not enough to keep it a secret forever until they have little tool babies and he goes through some sort of mid-life crisis… *runs out of breath*

Chapter 4 left off with her cutting tool-of-an-ex Tamotsu out of the picture and rushing off to make dinner plans with cute-like-a-teddy-bear-but-not-your-average-hairless-bishie Tagaya-san. Bravo, Momoko! Bravo! We understand that sharing a table with a bowl of oyakodon isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but at least now he knows you’re available!

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As for Natsuyuki Rendezvous, well, what can I say? I get so emotional whenever I think about how much Shimao is suffering having to watch his wife being chased after by another man, especially one as emotionally vulnerable as my beloved Hazuki. When Rokka first kissed Hazuki, I was a bag of mixed emotions. Always, always, the question that pops up in the back of my mind is: What about Shimao?

Shimao in the "could have taken advantage of her but too honest to do it" position.

Being a much older woman, there’s a lot at stake for Rokka, and after all the times she’s fought off Hazuki’s advances, we know it can’t just be horniness. (Or is it?) (No, no, no.) I really do think she’s starting to fall in love with him. Maybe if I was a few years younger, I’d be really grossed out by the 8 year age gap…but, hey, people mature physically, emotionally, and sexually at different ages, and the naive prejudice I had against older women/younger men relationships seems to have been blurred by the onset of old age.

Our last chapter left off just when Rokka and Hazuki were about to get down n’ dirty. However, the ever-present Shimao decides complicate matters by going ape shit, Poltergeist-style.


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And last but not least, we have Bitou Lollipop. While I’m an ardent Iketani fan, I can’t say I’m really invested in the Madoka x Tomoyo pairing. Oh, sure, it’s cute, but that’s not why I read this manga.

I read it because of this guy:

Come on now, you crazy Tomoyo fangirls. I know you’re angry at Ono for fooling around with Tomoyo’s mother, but can’t you see he’s in love with the woman? If sex with Rumiko-san was just to satiate his overly active teenage hormones, then why does he keep calling her after they’ve broken up? Why does he get angry whenever Madoka mentions his feelings for her?

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Message to our Readers:

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