Ode to the tainted meatloaf.

” The leftovers in the fridge smelled a little weird, but you went ahead and ate them.”
– Check.
” You were so hungry, you didn’t even heat them up.”
– Check
” A couple of hours later, though, you started to feel sick.”
– Check
“Powerful waves of pain rumbled through your stomach. They went away, but not for long.”
– Check
“Then you even threw up!”
– And check!

Sorry folks who were expecting either Sukimasuki or Heart o Uchinomese! I was at home recovering from a case of stupidity. However, rumor has it that you won’t be waiting too long.

We do, however, have a release today for those of you of curious mind. This will be our first chapter release of Futago (Twins) from one of my favorite mangakas, Iketani Ricaco.

No harm in trying a chapter out, right?

Come on, you know you want to!