Sekine’s Love

Sekine Keiichiro is handsome, intelligent, and popular. He’s a jack-of-all-trades who’s loved by women. Loved, that is, until they find out he’s passionless and stoic and completely lacking in conviction. In a moment of self-reflection he starts hunting: can anything make him feel? He’s about to find out.


Volume 1:

Ch.01 | Ch.02 | Ch.03 | Ch.04 | Ch.05

Volume 2:

Ch.06 | Ch.07 | Ch.08-09 | Ch.10 |

Volume 3:

Ch.11 | Ch.12 | Ch.13| Ch.14 | Ch.15

Volume 4:

Ch.16 | Ch.17 | Ch.18 | Ch.19 | Ch.20 | Ch.21 | Ch.22 | Omake Chapter: Sekine’s Love Spell

Volume 5:

Ch.23 | Ch.24 | Ch.25 | Ch.26 | Ch.27 | Ch.28 | Ch.29 | Ch.30 | Ch.31 | Ch.32 | Omake Chapter

What People Are Saying: 

“I’ve become addicted to this manga *-*” – Liz

“I love it! His dry take and unorthodox applied affection in conjunction with the absurd factors in his life give plenty of promise to a anticipating reader.” – ian

“The second chapter made me cry a little. The contrast between his stony exterior and the jumble of everything inside just got to me, the pain and confusion and mess bottled up inside was so clearly portrayed. Thank you for bringing this to English readers.” – Lacy

“Amazing! Based on my experience of the affliction, this character is in major depression. People in manga are never depressed long-term! Everything I read tells me that Japan is a place where hustling about and Doing Your Duty is required behavior at all times. Thank you for something completely new.” – Leonard

“Hey guys!!!! Thank you so much for translating this wonderful manga. This is a jewel among josei. I’m madly in love with it.” – Melilot

“Thank you for picking up Kawachi sensei’s works – I pretty fell in love at the first sight of cover art! (A risky thing to do, but do I care?) And I think the luck is with me this time – an alluring story Sekine’s Love is. Again, thank you very much!” – mleonard

“thanks for picking up this project!!!
I got really interested on this story since I love josei>_<
and I want to read more of Kawachi-sensei’w work!!
God Bless on this project!!!” – arashiroiyuki

“I just want to say this is an amazing manga — the artist is clearly a rebel with her art, story, characters, and story-telling. This love story is so non-traditional (and non-commercial) for a manga series. By looking inside someone’s head and reading therir thoughts alone with the artwork adds another dimension to story.” – Ardent1

“Thanks so much for this series, I can’t believe how amazing and addicting it is. I’m dying for more, the end of volume two has me fanboy-yelling at the computer screen hah.” – Verix

“I have no idea why, but I love this manga. I’m totally hooked and I think I’ve probably re-read all the released chapters at least 3 times now. Thank you very much for translating this strangely compelling story!” – Papercup

“I LOVE this manga! It has such an immense sadness and vulnerability to it, I can’t help but love it! Thank you for the good work, please do keep it up!” – Metrikfire

“Rarely do I find manga that tug at my heart like this one does…Thanks for all the hard work and introducing people to this one!!” – rit