A little bit short… but just as sweet.

Only two releases tonight. (Gulps)

Kiyoku Yawaku Volume 1, Ch.3 (Joint w/ Perfect Illusions)
Vanilla (Shimotsuki Kayoko Oneshot) [FIXED RELEASE]

I swear, it wasn’t the Oscar night that did me in. I know you’re all probably looking at me with those eyes, but it really wasn’t the Oscars!

We had a bit of an emergency trying to wrap things up [loss of files/etc.], and we’re afraid we fell short of your expectations – yet again. But I promise you won’t be wearing those sour faces for long. We will be on to release again this Friday or Saturday night just as soon as I iron out a few wrinkles.

Friday night’s releases will be:
3 am Dangerous Zone Ch.1 + Ch.2, Heartbroken Chocolatier Ch.1, and Sekine’s Love Ch.2

Hope to see you then!