You’re next


Last weekend, my younger brother got married. He invited friends and family over to celebrate. The wedding was decided only a month ago so we had to organize it in a rush. My mother, who can’t handle stress, almost went mad with worry but our efforts paid off. It was beautiful. However, I have to admit that I could do without all the hints that I should be the next to be getting married. Our family is catholic so we were raised with the idea that everyone should aspire to marriage and children, preferably in that order and before the age of thirty. That’s why, ever since I passed the age of twenty-five, the allusions have become frequent. My father usually goes for relative subtlety but my mother, more straightforward, prefers implying very directly that the life I lead is worthless because I haven’t made the same choices as her. My sister-in-law has inadvertently made things worse. I love her. She’s a cheerful and straightforward person and I miss her when she’s not there. However, she keeps teasing me by repeating “You’re next!” with a laugh and I don’t think she realizes it doesn’t amuse me at all.

Speaking of the wedding, one of the highlights of the night was a conversation I had with one of my brother’s friends, one of the few I know. This guy can switch from one topic to another in a surprising and hilarious way. Don’t ask me how, but at some point, he started talking about all the drugs he has tried, and he has tried a few, at least compared to me who has never even smoked, and comparing them. Then he somehow switched to why he is emigrating to another country. We were so absorbed in our conversation we didn’t even realize my younger sister and my cousins were avidly listening to us, probably because we had drunk more than is reasonable. It felt kind of surreal to have such a talk, surrounded by teenagers and the very respectable members of my family, with a guy I see maybe once every five years.



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