Hats & Team, Reporting For Duty

Guess who’s back? I’m not sure if anyone still visits or remembers us, but we are working on some things, and I’m just posting that message here so I can’t back out of it ><!. Apologies to my staff in advance for what I’m about to say, but I think a small part of me didn’t want to come back when I wasn’t my usual self. If I couldn’t laugh at my own misery, couldn’t find the humor in it, then all was lost. And I guess I was pretty lost for a while.

SwirlyOwl sent messages to me throughout the year, and I sat and read through them the other day, half-laughing, half-crying. Even Lilanar and Avelys peeked in to say hello. My editors, my friends, do you know? You all have the most beautiful hearts ever, and I wish you all only happiness.

For now, to our readers, if there are any left, thank you for the heartwarming messages that were left in our chatbox. You don’t know how much they’ve meant to me when I was going through some really difficult times.

We have one release for you today. Think of it as a small welcome back present, which we hope you’ll enjoy. We’ll have another chapter to you shortly, as well as other Heels’ projects that you’ve come to know and love.

Chapter 04: READ ONLINE


Sending Hearts,
Hats & Stiletto Heels Team