“I said I wanted milk with my cookies!”

What does this have anything to do with manga, you say? Abso-fluffin’-lutely nothing. And what can you do about it? Nothing!

I’ve been trying to get my ears used to the thai language (my father thinks it imperative that we embrace our culture and language, and feels it unfair that the only language I speak besides English is broken Japanese with my mother), so for the past few days I’ve been struggling through my sister’s Huk Liam Phra-karn DVD, a lakorn (or thai drama) following a grungy, foul-mouthed undercover cop named Khom (Num Sornram Theppitak) who infiltrates the abode of a very powerful and very influential druglord (Jukkrit Ummarat) in order to expose his drug trafficking scheme. However, against his better judgement, Khom falls in love with the druglord’s vivacious and feisty daughter, Mina (Joy-Rinalee Sripehn), who seems to come equipped by default with a fluffy pomeranian, slapping flip-flop sandals and an array of handbags.

I’m no lesbian, but Joy-Rinalee is an absolute pleasure to watch as the spoiled, naive rich man’s daughter, and so are her petty arguments with Khom:

Mina: ” Would it kill you to just say please for once?”
Khom: ” Can you direct me to where your father is, puhhhh-lease? (pause) Doesn’t look like I’m dead yet. Just didn’t want to say it.”

Num, for as much as I loved his clean-shaven, knotted-cravat, obocchama look in Barn Sai Tong (House of Sand) seems more convincing as a thug with his beard and unbuttoned jacket-sleeves:

Khom (with his beard) and Mina

Anyway – woops! haha – I guess I’ve just given myself away. You’ve probably figured out exactly what had caused me to take my sweet time with this release. I could just sheepishly throw my hands into the air and say, ” Oh, well, too bad for you guys!” and run off, but that would make me a total bully.

So, to make up for lost time, I locked myself in my room after work for a week, deprived myself of tv and sleep, and finished Heart o Uchinomese! Chapter 3.

For the love of taboo! (click here)