Futago fans, please do not freak out.

Chapter 15 did not and will not make tonight’s cut because I belatedly realized that the script has not even been PR’ed yet! πŸ™ Our next release date is 5/14/2012. We’ll double it up with Ch.16 to make up for the delay. It’s a cliffhanger chapter, and would probably feel more like a complete release when partnered up with the next chapter, than if we were to put it out alone.

*kowtows for forgiveness*

Today’s releases are as follows:

Balancing Toy Volume 1, Ch.1: Lint, your wish is our command. πŸ™‚ This is definitely NOT another Usagi Drop. I’m going to karate chop anyone who says otherwise. (Don’t think I won’t!) Haru and Seiji are the epitome of cute. Great for those shoujo/father-daughter-relationships lovers and haters, alike.
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Sekine’s Love Volume 2, Ch.8-9: Two – that’s right, two – big doses of Sekine, laced with Doujima’s (the new guy’s) intercranial snark, comin’ right up! Get your heart meds ready. Those crocheted bears are way too cute!
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What Revolves Around Al and Neri Ch.2: While there’s no “OMG! What the hell just happened?” / “Was he raped by a bear?!” gay sex in this chapter, there’s plenty of exposure for Neri and Carraro’s secretary. No, I don’t mean physically. Get your mind out of the gutter, yaoi freaks! :p
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After a disastrous April, we (read: Me/Mimi/not Heels staff) have finally pulled ourselves together. I was a big mess, and the stress factor went up to my eyeballs, but thank you & much love to Lint, Shinkeikaku, Lilly,fionajude, Cathy, heehee, xlilim, ageha_chan, patapi and maedaa, and, of course, my gals & guys at Heels, for the “collective group hug”. Normally, I’d be like, “This is too cheesy! I’m outta here!” But this time it was much appreciated. Keri, hope you found yourself a good home remedy to cure that hangover.

I’m just waiting for a few pages of a few chapters from a few of our editors. Next week’s release will include these chapters, as promised:

Futago Ch.15-16 /end volume
Heartbroken Chocolatier Ch.1-3 /end volume
Nina My Love Ch.7 & Omake /end volume
Sakamichi no Apollo Ch.6

There may be more, *cough*Tokyo Alice*cough* but I’m afraid to make any promises (in case plans blows up in my face again).