Great Things Come in Small Packages

…And that package looks like the above. (Yes, I know, it’s filthy…) (And, no, I haven’t taken a bath for it yet…)

GUH-GOO-GAH!!! /sputters like a madwoman. I do not want to be the neighborhood “cat lady”. You know, that old lady who’s lost all her marbles and goes around collecting mangy cats to keep her company? No, no, no! That will not be me! So when we opened our kitchen door one hot Sunday morning, and there was this black ball of fur with a mischievously bushy tail protruding from it outside the door, I stared at it for a few seconds, then I quiiiiiiietly closed the door, and then turned in the opposite direction.

But, my nephew, who was a bundle of excitement, rushed past me and threw the kitchen door wide open, to reveal…to my dismay…that very same ball of black fur with the bushy tail still there, and mewling from hunger.

Nephew: It’s a ‘kitsune’, a ‘kitsune’! Look!
Mimi (in an ascerbic tone): That’s not a fox, that’s a cat.

He ignored me and lumbered toward the furry creature, which hopped off the porch in arching bounces…exactly like a fox would. My jaw dropped. My nephew had a satisfying smirk on his face, crossed his arms, and nodded approvingly.

Now, a couple of weeks later, it is sleeping on a makeshift bed on our porch, still as dirty as ever, but at least given a name. And, you guessed it, we’re calling it Kitsune, courtesy of the Nephew.

But that’s not the only package we’ve got for you. (๑→‿ฺ←๑)♫ ♫♬♪♫ I seriously love, love, love these projects we’ll be putting out tonight, and I can’t seem to contain my joy. I almost wish someone else on the team would step up to do a release post, so I can spend the time fist-pumping in the air like a maniac instead. But alas, I must sit here and write…

I think each chapter does carry its own weight. What do you think?

-&- (and) Volume 3, CH.12: Download | Read Online
Anyone who thinks this is a “cheery” manga, doesn’t really understand loneliness imo. What does loneliness mean to you? What can it do to you, especially when love enters the picture?

Balancing Toy Volume 2, CH.7: Download | Read Online
The back story of Seiji’s first meeting with Haru’s mom, Midori Kuniyama. Romantic chemistry is rare in a manga, but I think theirs translates onto the page pretty well.

Chiruhi Story 3 – One Night Princess: Download | Read Online
Two prostitutes down, and another one to go? Actually, the first two seem to be dreaming/nostalgic for a better (alternative?) life, whether it be in the future or in the past, while the harlot here is no daydreamer. She knows exactly what she is, and what she can achieve with her body, and doesn’t make much ado about it.

And all you silent lurkers should count your lucky stars that staff was generous enough with their time, so that we could have weekly releases (at least for this month). But, yeah, you’re probably all right to think that there’s gotta be something “in it” for them as well. These people just can’t wait to find out what happens next, and will use any means to see it. So for the first and second week round of thank yous, thank yous, and thank yous: Lilanar, Minelauva, octopus, SwirlyOwl, Mangiwi, cheesecrayons, badtzphoto, the staff at Lapin Peluche, Flapper Girl, and Stiletto! And of course, our personal favorite authors, who made this possible: Okazaki Mari, Yamakawa Aiji, and Kawachi Haruka!!!

Come back next weekend for another round of awesome releases, from Chiruhi to the entire first volume of Otoko no Issho, and more! Oh, and yes, I’ve lurked and read all of your comments like a total creeper. I never knew seeing people comment about the weather could make me feel so happy.