Foward Movement

Two annoucements to make:
1. We’re winding down to our anniversary: 15 days and counting!
2. DDL links are available with releases now for your convenience.

Gad Sfortunato (Joint w/ Lapin Peluche) Ch.1: It’s not a true sequel to Amato Amaro in its entirety, but to Chapter 6: tatuaggio, featuring the tattoo artist Gad. This will extract either a “Holy cow! Another Basso? /spaz” or a “Ugh! Are you planning to hog them all?” However, the answer to both questions is the same resounding: “Heck yes.”
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Natsuyuki Rendezvous Volume 2, Ch.7: I was the kind of kid that grew up with a night light, a baseball bat underneath my pillow, locking all my teddy bears in my teasure box at night so they couldn’t come to life while I was asleep, and having to maneuver my sudsoaped head in impossible positions under the shower nozzle so I wouldn’t have to close my eyes. My insomnia actually stems from having watched the Nightmare on Elm Street series as a child. (Though now, staying awake is mostly out of habit and not fear.) And yet here I am, sympathizing with a ghost who wants to possess people’s bodies so that he can have a second chance with his wife…
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What Revolves Around Al and Neri Ch.5: The hardest part about translating this chapter was figuring out how to individualize the characters for the editor. Why Basso chose to let these two characters go unnamed beats me. After racking my brain for several minutes, I decided to go with Marcello’s son and Bespectacled Bishie. So this chapter is secretly titled, Marcello’s son and the Bespectacled Bishie.
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P.S. Lilly, sounds like what you had was pretty bad. I hope you’re feeling better. 🙁