Excuses to avoid a lynching

I had high expectations for December, but my health failed me and plans went awry (as you can probably tell from the nearly 1 and 1/2 month silence.). While 2 gbs of my iomega were bloated with chapters that needed to be translated, edited, and QC’ed, I had three blankets and a duvet and two mackarel tabbies piled on top of me, with only two eyes glaring out myopically at the 19″ inch screen a meter away projecting re-runs of Gaki no Tsukai episodes my father had taped in the late ’90s.

With the return of my sanity the other day comes the revival of those high expectations. The only difference is the team’s actually got something to show for it right now.

Yes, yes, we’re kicking off the new year releases with Sukimasuki Chapter 7. Can’t get enough of Heisaku and Fumio? Click here!