Boy is this guy clueless.

Anyway, I have not had more than four hours of sleep in a week just to bring you the first chapter of Knock Your Heart Out! by George Asakura, so I’ll make this short. Sorry to disappoint those of you expecting a long speech (yeah, right). I hope this chapter will do just what the title promises and knock your heart out.

‘Cause it sure did mine.

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There seems to be a bit of a mix-up over where the scans for this project came from, and I’m still not entirely sure what in the world is going on. For the time being, as there is evidence pointing that these scans do indeed belongĀ  to Lana777, we’d like to thank her for generously allowing us to continue to use her scans for the entire series.

Also, for those of the more nitpicky variety, I’ve also fixed some errors and reupped.