Heartbroken Chocolatier

Souta, who’s attending a confectionary school, is in a relationship with Saeko, a girl one year older than him. He fell in love at first sight with her four years ago, and right before Christmas last year, they finally had their first kiss. Because his girlfriend really loves chocolate, every day, Souta tries to polish his chocolate-making skills. Even when his girlfriend smells like cigarettes although she doesn’t smoke, even when she turns down his invitation to a date on Valentine’s day, he’s still not broken-hearted at all, and he still continues to love her…


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What People Are Saying: 

“Thanks, I am a boy and I love this manga…………” – Nickname

” really like this manga and I’m glad to hear there is some progress on it, I am really looking forward to further translations.” – Aaron

“Thank you guys for scanlating this. It’s all very lovely and I’m craving for some dark chocolate right now.!” – Michelle

“Girlssss, I’m so happy you’re doing this manga, I really love all Mizushiro’s projects, so you can’t imagine how happy i am right now >___________///<" - Hanabi

“I really love this manga so far and can’t wait to see the update. Thank you so much!” – FreeTicket

“Ok, there we go again with the usual cliché… 😀

I ADMIT that some french people *love* manga to the extent of reading it in english (like me, hohoho!) but not everybody is like that, “non”!
I think I too would freak out a little if I met with such a hardcore otaku^^
But most of people think its too childish ( thank you Naruto, pokemon, Yu-gi-oh……)

But this series is from Mizushiro Setona, plus its about chocolate, plus the main character is cute……I juste have to bow and thank you for your hard work!!!! Merci beaucoup!! 😉

PS : If you are not sure about some translation in French, I’m here…” – Mogwaï

“Thank you SO much for doing this series! I seriously can not express how thankful I am in words! <3" - Nikki

“Ahh i am so excited for this series. this person is such an incredible story teller and artist.
Thank you so much for the hard work you all put into this and choosing work that is [actually] good!” – noemii

“Setona Mizushiro OMG *dies* she’s my favorite mangaka <3 I will be waiting for this thanks <3 " - Lulu