Toribako House

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Miki feels like a bird trapped in cage. She's dependent on her boyfriend of seven years, is unable to communicate well with others, and can't speak up for herself. Enter Kamaya, a young man with a rapier tongue, who seems to have no qualms about invading her personal space. Their first meeting at her post in the student affairs' office didn't go down so well, but when Kamaya rushes to save her in her time of need, Miki gradually begins to see him in a new light.

Author: Unita Yumi
Status: 2 volumes (complete)
Scan Status: Incomplete
Vol. 1, Chapter 06
Vol. 1, Chapter 05
Vol. 1, Chapter 04
Vol. 1, Chapter 03
Vol. 1, Chapter 02
Vol. 1, Chapter 01

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