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Triple Release Mania!!

Although I usually have too much to say, due to the lack of food while wrapping up QC, the only thing I’ve got the energy to say right now is…

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Excuses to avoid a lynching

I had high expectations for December, but my health failed me and plans went awry (as you can probably tell from the nearly 1 and 1/2 month silence.). While 2…

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Nausea and Release

Wasn’t me this time (I’ve learned my lesson), but our Sukimasuki editor, Nightswan (though her sickness might be more legit than mine). I’m not sure I like this new trend…

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Ode to the tainted meatloaf.

” The leftovers in the fridge smelled a little weird, but you went ahead and ate them.” – Check. ” You were so hungry, you didn’t even heat them up.”…

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The cries got loud enough

So I decided to have my say. I’ve felt abysmally guilty over not making the time to look for an appropriate host server and leaving some readers wringing their hands…

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