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Author Topic: working life  (Read 616632 times)


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Re: working life
« Reply #15 on: June 10, 2017, 12:23:33 AM »
I'm actually working late right now while typing this on my phone. I've been here since 7 am, and everyone else in the office is out having pizza and beer. But I have my PS Vita with me, and while I'm waiting for this shipment to come in for a $40,000 order,  I'm running around collecting last 15 of the 108 stars in Suikoden. I usually have a positive outlook with my job butvtoday it is a grueling 7-6 hrs. I'm dead tired and sweaty. I need a vacation!  :wahhh:
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Re: working life
« Reply #16 on: August 24, 2018, 11:24:41 AM »
A college alum (who I don't know personally, but did see around on-campus my freshman year when she was a graduating senior) recently emailed me to intro me to a recruiter for the company she works at. I think they're just trying to hire software engineers and probably asked employees to reach out to their networks. Still, I have an intuition that it might be a good place to work for, and I've actually been curious about this company since I knew that two alums were working there at pretty high-up positions. They seem like efficient, capable people who would not settle for mediocre workplaces.

It makes me feel ambivalent. There are faults at my current workplace that I've discovered, but overall it's a decent place to work at for the moment and I appreciate certain things about it. It would also look bad to leave soon, and probably leave a bad taste for my manager and the co-workers who interviewed and hired me. I've only worked at my current workplace for ~8 months, and I left my previous company after 1 year 2 months. It'd be problematic for my resume to establish a trend of leaving companies after only about a year. Most recently (after previously struggling a bit mentally with continuing to work here), I'd reconciled myself with working here for the time being, until things shift for worse or I reach 1.5-2 years of employment. At the same time, it might nice to have a change:
 - if I can find a workplace where I have (even) better rapport with the manager
 - feel I can learn a lot and will have better support / active mentoring from my co-workers
 - better financial outlook / direction for the company as a whole
 - better benefits! health insurance is relatively sucky at my current and we have no retirement accounts, nevermind the usual cushy tech benefits like commuter benefits and wellness stipends

It's a timing thing. It seems like it could be the type of company I'd strive to leave my current company for, just in another year or so. Bad timing?

So, I dunno. I guess I'll have to get some questions answered, like how urgently they need to fill the open positions, whether I'm even what they're looking for, try to get a good gauge on the co-workers and manager I'd be working with, ... if I decide to move forward, ideally I'd investigate opportunities at other places as well so I don't just go for the next best thing that is presented to me. >"<
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