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Interrupted series
« on: February 04, 2015, 06:21:50 PM »
If you've been reading manga for a while, there are probably many good series that you haven't been able to read in their entirety, for some reason or another. I thought it could be interesting to share the names of these series here, to express our frustration or simply our love for these series.

- Kano Hitoya Tsuki: I love Ikuemi Ryou and among her works, Kano Hitoya Tsuki is probably my favourite. It's very high on the list, at the very least. Admittedly, I've only been able to read the first three chapters, but I was impressed. That was some masterful storytelling!

- I really like Sakurai Machiko. I wish more of her works were available in english. H, which has been entirely scanlated by Esthétique, was not bad. I haven't read it in years but it left me a good enough impression that I started reading 17 soon after. I remember loving it. It was quite dramatic, but good. Sadly, we will never be able to read the end in english, but several years later, I still remember it as a very good shoujo.

- Golondrina: I haven't entirely lost hope yet with this one, but in any case, Golondrina is among the best series of the moment, and one the rare seinen I genuinely enjoy. I'm not a huge fan of Est Em's. I loved Red blinds the foolish, liked Udon no Onna and was amused by Equus, but I don't love her nearly as much as I love Basso for instance. I get why some people like her so much, but she is still kind of a niche author. However, I think that Golondrina is a step above her other works. It catters to a broader audience and yet is not a dry as most seinen. I also love that the heroine is a strong female and an unusual character.

Sangatsu no lion: Unless a miracle happens, I don't think this series will ever be completely available in english, which is a shame. Honey and Clover holds a special place in my heart but 3gatsu no lion is not bad at all.

- On another note, there's also Nana of course. I also have my doubts about whether Kurobara Alice will ever be completed.

I could go on for days but I will stop there.  :blush:
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