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Author Topic: Last movies you've seen  (Read 743111 times)


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Re: Last movies you've seen
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I went to see Your Name last week. It was released some time ago so I didn't think I would get to watch it in a cinema. I was so excited when I learnt it would be shown at my local movie theater! It was great, definitely the best movie this director has ever made in my opinion. The problem I had with Makoto Shinkai's earlier works was that he was so focused on the atmosphere he forgot to write a real story and to develop his characters. As a result, his movies were visually gorgeous but they were lacking in depth and feeling. Your Name is still lacking the spark that makes that makes some movies unforgettable. Makoto Shinkai will never reach Miyazaki's level, although that's probably setting the bar to high. But in this movie, he managed to combine his favorites themes into a real movie instead of making a giant AMV.
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