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Author Topic: Oboreru Knife (George Asakura)  (Read 11911 times)


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Oboreru Knife (George Asakura)
« on: September 02, 2014, 11:10:34 PM »
Oboreru Knife is the series that made me discover George Asakura and want to edit Teketeke Rendezvous, so I had to open a discussion topic about it.  :uhhuhyeah:

The graphics are what attracted me to this series in the first place, so I have to admit that when I first began to read it, I didn't really care what the story what about. The plotline and character development would have to have been really bad to deter me at once. :D
But I was pleasantly surprised by the series' development. It starts out as a typical shoujo, a beautiful special girl is attracted to a handsome special bad boy. The way the mangaka draws the environment, the sea, the forest, makes it worth reading, for some pages are really stunning, but otherwise, it would have been quite boring. So I was glad when things didn't evolve smoothly. The "perturbation" was nicely handled too.

I have read Oboreru Knife up to volume 13 so far, and I haven't been disappointed until now. So I wonder what the last four volumes will have in store.  :yougogirl:

What do you guys think of this series?

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Re: Oboreru Knife (George Asakura)
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2014, 01:07:40 PM »
I adore this series! Oboreru Knife is probably my favourite out of all of Asakura's works.. I found myself so easily and naturally falling in love with her raw-and-edgy-and-yet-so-gorgeous art style. There are so many pages that make me pause and linger just that little bit longer to soak up that pure manga beauty *sigh*

Asakura has such a fantastic way of weaving together a story and developing her characters. I'm so drawn into Kou and Natsume's personal journey as they mature, grow and change. It's an amazing coming-of-age story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, wondering "What next? What next? What next?".


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Re: Oboreru Knife (George Asakura)
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2014, 12:42:43 AM »
Oboreru Knife is one of my favourites! There's just something special about the way George Asakura tells the story. The atmosphere of the town, the way Natsume sees Kou...all of it is captured beautifully. It surprised me because I didn't think I would be into this manga after I read the summary. It wasn't until that scene where Kou puts his hands around Natsume's neck in God's water that I got goosebumps, and started getting into the story. I relate all to well to Natsume's feelings, especially the way she sees Kou and her troubles making friends at school. The art is also very unique and gorgeous. Everything about Oboreru Knife just drew me in!