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Mangaka: Shimotsuki Kayoko
Published by: Kodansha
Genre: Shoujo, Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Romance
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)

Summary: This is a strange love story about a genius who is unable to erase his memories and an average girl.

Mika, an average female high-school student, falls head over heels for her beautiful violin teacher, Akizuki, who has the uncanny ability of "never forgetting something he's remembered once.

Contains the oneshots "Lion" and "Penniless Cinderella."

Chapter 01: released Downlaod
Chapter 02: released Download
Chapter 03: released Download
Chapter 04: released Download

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Paradise Without You: ch.1>typesetting ◄ Currently | ch2-3> cleaning
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Nikotama: ch.4-5> Cleaned | ch.6> cleaning
Hakoiri no Musume: ch.2-3> cleaned
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