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Mangaka: Ueno Ai
Published by: Shueisha
Genre: Josei, Romance
Length: 1 Volume (Complete)

Summary: Collection of short stories
After a fall-out with his ex-girlfriend’s family, Hikaru’s older brother, Kaname, brings home a new girlfriend, Narita Tsugumi, or “Tsugumi-chan”. Everyone in his family, including Hikaru, is shocked when they open the door to find a woman who looks exactly like Kaname’s ex-girlfriend, but she is ushered into his room before the secret can be revealed. Hikaru accidentally finds out that she is working at Bar Clap, and that personality-wise, she is the exact opposite of his brother’s ex. Even though Tsugumi-chan swears him to secrecy, Hikaru is touched by her loneliness and unconditional love for his brother, and begins to struggle with the weight of the truth and his newfound feelings.

Story 1: released Download
Story 2: released Download
Story 3: Prepped
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