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Title: Discussion
Post by: Hats on August 09, 2014, 01:50:29 AM
Like this?
Title: Re: Discussion
Post by: Minelauva on August 15, 2014, 06:40:13 PM
I was rereading the chapters we released until now and when I got to chapter 8, there was this scene where Yori was reading before going to bed then thought, as she was about to fall asleep: "A popular woman would be tending to her skin and nails before going to bed". It reminded me of myself.  :wildthought: Most of the time, I just have the courage to brush my teeth. I wouldn't even think of taking care of my nails though but I hardly ever wear nailpolish.

Anyway, I can't help feeling sorry for Yori and Maki. Yori being wary, trying not to get into a relationship with no future but being drawn to Maki despite herself (and I can understand why  :kekeke:). Maki being genuinely in love with Yori but trapped into a loveless marriage. Unless there's more to his relationship with his wife than we've been shown until now, it seems to be a marriage of convenience but it seems like he doesn't intend to get a divorce. He probably can't. If Yori let him get his way, he would probably end up living a double life, with Yori as the second wife. But since she hasn't lost her head, I wonder how this will end...
Title: Re: Discussion
Post by: Hats on August 17, 2014, 06:03:31 AM
Haha, I fall somewhere in between. After I follow my skin-care routine for the night, I go to bed and read on my kindle. But there are times where I'll be working OT in the office, or I'll try to finish something up for the team, and one second it's midnight and the next I wake up to birds chirping and feeling slimy from not removing my make-up from the night before.  :blush:

re. Maki and Yori's relationship. I think Maki's the type who lays all his cards on the table. He started out too aggressive in his approach to her that it came off as a bit creepy. But he's also someone who gives love his all. He seems almost incredibly naive about it. I see that he's learned to restrain himself a bit and adapt to Yori's likes and dislikes. I loved the banter they had on the drive to the hot springs. What I want to see is how Yori herself begins to be changed by being with him.
Title: Re: Discussion
Post by: aika chan on June 21, 2016, 01:16:25 PM
hi thanks you so much for scanlating this i really like this one.and one more thing this manga is being translated(and some other title you are doing) by otakumole and they've translated until chapter 48 and i have access to them.i just wanted to say i could bring the translation and even ask for permission since i know your in need of translators and quit honestly its such a waste.btw i mean no offend and i honestly appreciate all your work
Title: Re: Discussion
Post by: Hats on June 21, 2016, 05:19:20 PM
Hey aika chan, thank you but I prefer to keep translating this one myself. I think the translations on otakumole are OK, but I feel there's something missing quality-wise because they tend to speed through chapters and aren't very fluent in Japanese. At least from what I saw before the site went underground.

I'll try to be faster and will help out with typesets if necessary.  :hero:
Title: Re: Discussion
Post by: aika chan on June 22, 2016, 06:56:13 AM
well yeah you might be right about translations but it was cool with me since english isn't my native language but no i didn't mean to rush you at all and i'm really grateful that this group exist since you do a lot of wonderful josei thanks a lot and keep up being awesome
Title: Re: Discussion
Post by: Hats on June 23, 2016, 01:41:50 AM
aika, I was happy to read your comment. To be honest, the staff that worked on Ane no Kekkon, myself included, were very discouraged when we found out that translators would rather put their translations there than help us when we were already working on the project and needed help. At least for me, it was pretty depressing. But my longtime editor, Minelauva, really encouraged me to keep going with the projects anyway. At the end of the day, people are free to do what they want, and like I already said, I'm proud of the work we do here.

You're not rushing me though. We've done a lot on it thus far, and I'm excited to read it anyway.
Title: Re: Discussion
Post by: aika chan on June 25, 2016, 06:50:46 PM
i know what you're talking about i was really annoyed about this as well and up until recently i thought that they scanlate the mangas i would never thought that they translate it i mean just why its like wasted effort why not just corporate surely your reasons for doing this is about the same right
anyways enough of that well there's not much i can do here but i do hope you get some translators i can help with the editing btw
Title: Re: Discussion
Post by: Hats on June 28, 2016, 12:53:13 AM
Hey, aika, if you're interested in editing for us, can you please send me an email at I'd really appreciate it!