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Title: Last manga you've read
Post by: Minelauva on September 03, 2014, 01:38:14 AM
Want to mention a manga you've read recently without having the courage to enter into in depth discussion? Here is the place to do it.
I'll start :

A few months ago, I started reading Kakukaku Shikajika (, by Higashimura Akiko. I've been pleasantly surprised. I didn't think I would find an autobiographical manga so interesting, but since the author is Higashimura Akiko, I should have know better.  :blush:
Title: Re: Mangas you've read
Post by: badzphoto on September 24, 2014, 12:04:59 PM
Oh that looks really interesting.
I just finished Professeur Eiji ( ( by Akiko Monden. It's kind of like To Sir, with love, but longer and more involved with teachers' and students' outside lives.
Title: Re: Mangas you've read
Post by: Minelauva on November 02, 2014, 05:43:05 PM
Is anyone else reading Orange (, by Takano Ichigo? It's licenced in France, the first volume just got out, and I'm definitely planning to buy it when I get back. I read up to chapter 12, before stopping because I intensely dislike Crunchyroll's online reader, and really enjoyed it. I like the mangaka's previous works, but to me, she got really interesting with her last two series, Orange and Re Collection ( I also like the fact that Orange will end soon. In my opinion, Yume Miru Taiyou, which was quite promising when it began, got spoiled by unecessary prolongations. That's also why I'm kind of glad Balancing Toy was only two volumes long. But still, I'm disappointed that Crunchyroll is the one that got its hand on Orange in the US. After that, I'm not sure anyone else is going to want to get the printing rights and that's a shame. This series deserved better.  :eto:
Title: Re: Last manga you've read
Post by: Minelauva on December 30, 2014, 01:49:48 PM
I just read the eigth volume of Shitsuren Chocolatier. It was kind of depressing. This is definitely not the series to read if you need to be cheered up, but it was good. What I dislike about this series is how the characters get tangled up in complicated stories and feelings. It's very heavy, and kind of painful because I can see myself in them. But the mangaka really knows her characters. Every reaction or interaction is perfectly understandable. I appreciate that she's not heading towards an happy ending decided in advance. The story could still end well though. In a way, I hope it will, in one way or another. The characters deserve it. After spending so long without changing, in the latest volumes, they finally started to evolve. I can't wait to read the last volume.
Title: Re: Last manga you've read
Post by: Minelauva on October 03, 2015, 06:02:50 PM
I just read the last volume of Shitsuren Chocolatier. It was a bit anticlimatic. As a comment, the mangaka wrote that she plotted the last chapter right at the beginning of the series. I'm not surprised. The series ended exactly as expected. It was well done, but I can't help thinking: "All this, for this?!"
I've also been re-reading Six Half, since it's published in France, and enjoying it immensely. Once I got past my initial disappointment of seeing her use incest as a plot point, I've been able to focus on all the rest and read the first three volumes in one night (volume 7 is going to get out in the coming weeks).
Title: Re: Last manga you've read
Post by: Minelauva on November 11, 2015, 06:03:30 PM
I'm also really enjoying Nounai Poison Berry, which started to get published in France a few months ago. Some French rewievers wrote that they found the main character too annoying and immature but I think her insecurities make her relatable. Besides, the lighthearted tone of the series is a nice change from Shitsuren Chocolatier.
I'm glad I like this series. There are so few josei published in France and the US, and scanlations are not much better. I only follow about five series, and among these, there are two I would have dropped already if they weren't almost finished. I recently read volumes 14 and 15 of Oboreru Knife and I was disappointed. I don't even really know why. This series, that I absolutely loved when it began, has simply lost its appeal. I feel something similar about Kuragehime, although to a lesser degree. It's still good, but I think the whole chinese arc was a mistake. I can't wait for it to be over since it kind of spoiled the series for me.
At this point, I realized I was reading less and less manga and I started to wonder if it was over for me (hence the long hiatus). So a few weeks ago, when I started reading Nounai Poison Berry and Six Half and lover them, I felt refreshed.  :puppyeye:
Title: Re: Last manga you've read
Post by: jyu viole grace on July 14, 2016, 02:24:52 PM
The latest manga I started reading is 'chihayafuru'..I have been delaying reading it for so long (since it was a card game) but I've been enjoying it(I still haven't caught up to the latest)..and I think it is the first time when I can't decide who to ship..It's like I'm going "c'mon arata" but then the author puts in some taichi moments and lo I get confused...I guess either of them will do..another manga which i'll start reading after this is 'shingeki no kyojin'..I'm tired of waiting for the second season of the anime so I guess I'll just start reading it...other than that I reread "kimi wa pet"....
Title: Re: Last manga you've read
Post by: Megan on July 14, 2016, 03:25:15 PM
I love Chihayafuru! I'm definitely a Taichi shipper! The anime is super enjoyable as well. I still don't understand the rules but I've found that if you start with the anime and then transition to the manga, you get most of the rules down. At least you learn about what's right and wrong that way. I've found Shingeki no Kyojin to be hard to read cause of the art style but the plot has a lot of potential.

I'm really into Toukyou Tarareba Musume and Shikabane Cherry. I've also gotten really hooked onto Ginban Kishi.
Title: Re: Last manga you've read
Post by: jyu viole grace on July 15, 2016, 09:20:58 AM
Well I started with the manga but I think I have grasped the rules..I have only seen the second season of anime since that part of manga hasn't been scanlated..I prefer the manga more because I just love the art..but a really pleasant surprise in the anime was actually hearing the readers recite..especially that lady who was the best reader, her anime recitation is really amazing..she has a very sonorous voice!! I still find myself hovering between taichi and arata..they are both *o*  :ohh: :eto: 
I know, because of the art I've also been delaying reading Shingeki no kyoji, but right now I've heard a lot of good stuff regarding the plot so I'm gonna catch up on it. Oh i love ginban kishi( I love it enough to painfully read the latest chapters on otakumole)..I love all the major works of ogawa yayoi(ginban kishi's author) i.e kimi wa petto, ginban kishi, and kiss n never cry..and i like that her characters appear in her other works also...I also want to complete tsubasa reservoir chronicles..
Title: Re: Last manga you've read
Post by: Megan on July 15, 2016, 01:25:49 PM
Ogawa Yayoi's works are all really good! Her art is appealing to me but never loses track of the plot. Her characters are also really likable.

What I like most about Chihayafuru is that the romance between the three is always a result of karuta. The last chapter that was released demonstrated this well I think. I don't want to spoil anything but the manga has always been karuta and self-development first and then romance as a result of the relationships from that. I hope that makes sense?
Title: Re: Last manga you've read
Post by: jyu viole grace on July 17, 2016, 08:06:04 AM
yeah..I enjoy her works a lot..and I also got to know a lot about figure skating & became quite interested in it(which led me to check out the skills realtime on youtube..) ^^ yeah..some of the characters grow a lot on you(like takeshi..and the girl from ginban kishi)..
yeah..though i do enjoy romance a lot but even if a manga focuses on other things, I don't case of chihayafuru instead of the romance, the other aspects drew me in..the characters and their interactions and the author's skill in making such a game like karuta so interesting..the romance part is like the cherry topping(which makes me think shounen mangas should learn from this..a little tinge of romance makes things more interesting)..
Title: Re: Last manga you've read
Post by: Flippen on September 07, 2017, 08:28:52 AM
I love Chihayafuru! I'm a Taichi shipper!

I love Taichi too!
Title: Re: Last manga you've read
Post by: GastonMec on January 17, 2019, 06:29:52 PM
The last manga I read was Golden Kamuy. It's was pretty decent but nothing spectacular. Can someone recommend something they liked recently? I need suggestions. haha