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Title: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on September 03, 2014, 12:33:59 AM
Watched any TV show and/or drama lately? Here is the place where you can share it with us.

I still have to watch the fourth season of Teen Wolf. I didn't think I would enjoy this show so much when I started watching it, but the evidence is there. And I'm quite proud of myself because this summer, I managed to get my younger sister hooked to Game of Thrones. :kekeke:
At the same occasion, I also got to watch the fourth season again and notice some details that had escaped me the first time.

I don't watch much dramas anymore. I stopped when I noticed that I had watched quite a number of kdramas but had forgotten most of them, to the point that I had trouble remembering whether I had watched them or not even with the title and description right before my eyes. I have such a bad memory...  :wahhh:
What's weird is that it does this only with k- and j- dramas, not with american series (I don't watch any french series, there aren't any good ones).
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on September 03, 2014, 04:07:57 AM
I don't have a lot of time to watch TV anymore, so I buy DVD sets whenever they come out and cross my fingers I have time in the next year or so to watch it. The series I did manage to finish just the other day was The Hour ( starring Ben Whishaw, Romola Garai, and Dominic West. Unlike most Hour fans, I thought season 1 was handled better, with crisper dialog and less OOC moments. Season 2 made me want to fast-forward until the last episode, which basically reduced me to a soggy mess when Freddy starts stammering, "Money... Money..." And of course that bastard Cilenti has no clue what he's talking about, but I do, so I start sobbing even more. :noway:

The Japanese drama I'm currently watching is Ashita Mama ga Inai (,_Mama_ga_Inai). You know, the show that lost its sponsors because it allegedly depicted orphanages in a negative light? I think the girls are great. Ashida Mana's not at her absolute best, but she's still pretty good. My favorite orphan turned out to be "Bombi" though. She was soooo totally adorable trying to get adopted by her Japanese "Jolie-Piiiiii~":ohh:

btw...I haven't started on Game of Thrones yet. Reason being, I'm not sure how graphic the sex/violence is, but I heard there is a lot of it, and a lot of rape. This, from people on the imdb boards. I just don't know if I can handle rape scenes. I've got a weak stomach for it. It doesn't help that I never read the series, so I have no idea what I'd be getting myself into. You're free to convince if you really think it's worth it though. 
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on September 03, 2014, 05:16:55 AM
Hmm.... About the rapes in GoT specifically, maybe my memory is faulty but I don't remember seeing some actually filmed. Or rather, I can think of a couple, but I'm not sure the scenarists intended for them to be rapes, which in itself is sad and shocking, but the scenes are not traumatizing. However, there are definitely rapes in GoT, generally speaking there is a lot of violence against women, and it is indeed a very violent world. Oh, and there is quite a lot of sex and nude bodies shown on screen.
I will start with the bad aspects. In a way, GoT is a very calibrated show. It has to have (show) a certain amount of violence and sex to live up to its reputation and attract viewers. The way this violence, sex and nudity are filmed is quite sensationalist. It's not there only for the purpose of the story, but also to prove that HBO doesn't shy away from showing questionable scenes and to entertain viewers. So sometimes, all this seems gratuitous.
But in a way, their approach is also commendable and at least, they follow the spirit of the books. GoT's world and story are inspired by medieval Europe and Mediterranean world and it describes a troubled period. So there is bound to be violence and showing it is the only way to make viewers really understand what the characters are going through.

I can't tell you whether to watch it or not but I understand your hesitations. I have never had any problem watching rape scenes before but I don't like watching violent scenes. It has made me dislike admitedly good movies (for instance some Tarentino movies). I can't do anything about it. The sight of blood IRL makes me sick, to the point that I can't give my blood, and watching violence on screen is quite hard for me. So obviously, some scenes of GoT have stuck with me. But the good ones have stuck too. It really is a good series. Its treatment of the characters and of the plotlines is very good, it is subtle and complex, it doesn't take the easy way and, since a lot of money is involved, it is beautifully made. I won't lie to you, it is very violent (though there aren't that many graphic scenes), but I don't regret watching it.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on September 16, 2014, 12:37:59 AM
The Mindy Project starts again tomorrow. I'm so excited about it!  :woot:

Also, does anyone else watch "Last week tonight with John Oliver"?
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: TezukasDarjeeling on September 16, 2014, 05:55:30 PM
I only watched the first season of The Hour, but I read the plot summary for season two and I decided I wasn't going to watch it. From what you said Hats it seems I made the right decision, because the first season was absolute gold.

Also, I was wondering is anyone had any Korean drama they would recommend?
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on September 16, 2014, 11:38:39 PM
Oh, man, I am so behind on The Mindy Project! I only saw up to the episode when Mindy comes back from Haiti, though I did see an interview featuring the infamous "butt grab." I love how Chris Messina never knows where to look when he's asked about it. :wildthought: I'm buying the DVD for s2 though!

I've never heard of "Last week tonight with John Oliver"? What's it about?

Tezuka: I'd say, watch s2 if you're curious and have time. It's a straightforward thriller with some nice elements to it. Freddie and Bel do take a leap in the right direction, though much too quickly, while Hector and Marnie found their way into a special place in my heart. I was surprised at how much I loved them in the end.

As for kdrama reccs, I'd like some too. Except I'm very, very picky. Hope to hear of some good ones to convert a non-kdrama viewer like me.

Right now I'm sucked into the intrigue, splendor and romance in Spanish TV's Gran Hotel on Netflix. The plot twists are sometimes farcical, sometimes schizophrenic, but nevertheless addictive as hell. I am seriously crushing over Julio Olmeda and Andres Cernudas' bromance ( There were definitely some serious scenes that made me crack up though. And I love how everyone looks so good with minimal make-up. By no means historically accurate or really attentive to detail, I still think it's a good costume drama to watch if you don't mind seeing it in Spanish with English subtitles.

Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on September 17, 2014, 12:59:27 AM
Ohoho, the season 2 of The Mindy Project was so good!  I remember a memorable scene with Danny / Chris Messina dancing to Aaliyah... :wildthought:

I'm going to try to watch Gran Hotel. I'm in the mood for this kind of thing.

Last Week with John Oliver is completely different though. It's a weekly 15-minute program from HBO I think, during which the anchorman, humorist John Oliver, discusses a topic that recently made the news. I found some of his videos very interesting and funny. I watch it on Youtube: (

It's going to be hard for me to recommend Kdramas, since as I said, none of those I watched have stuck with me in the long term, not necessarily because they were bad but because their format makes it easy to watch the whole drama in less than a week, and I tend to forget about shows I've binge watched more easily.  :blush:
But here is the list of those I remember having watched: The Greatest Love, Secret Garden, You're beautiful, Coffee Prince, Dream High and its sequel, Flower Boy next door, Stars falling from the sky. Yes, I like romantic comedies. >.<
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on September 17, 2014, 02:29:33 AM
The Grand Hotel is being subbed on Viki (sucky place, I know) for those who don't have a Netflix account:

As for John Oliver, he sure gets a kick out of satirizing us Americans, lol. Pretty fierce and funny guy. Honestly, I don't watch the news this way because I prefer to read articles, but he has a powerful way of presenting information. I wouldn't mind saving his channel.  :cheesy:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on September 17, 2014, 03:01:48 AM
I tend to keep informed mainly by reading too but when I have the time, I like listening to some radio and TV programs as a complement of information and to get some commentaries. Also, being able to talk to your audience directly makes satirical texts much more powerful and sometimes, after hearing some depressing news, I need to be able to laugh about them too. In a way, "Last week tonight" reminds me of a famous satirical french TV show that has been going on for years now. It's not always that funny but sometimes, it's hilarious.  :cheesy:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on October 13, 2014, 01:44:11 AM
I just watched the last episode of Grand Hotel available on Netflix. Even though some of the plot twists are ridiculous, it's addictive. The end of the episode was so intriguing! I hope Netflix will stream the rest of the series. It makes me regret even more I didn't learn Spanish. Otherwise, I would already be watching the next episode on Youtube. :D
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on October 22, 2014, 02:30:30 AM
I stayed up with the ex to watch a Thai tv series on youtube called Hormones over the weekend, similar to UK's Skins. TV shows in Thailand are rife with soap operas and sitcoms, and I almost NEVER want to see anything from there, so it was a very weird experience watching something that is basically a first of its kind in the country. The show deals with adolescence and puberty, and touches on subjects that matter to teens in Thailand like sex (urp!), love, family issues, and homosexuality (urp!), and does it in a way that is neither preachy nor soapy. It was actually a teenage cousin that introduced it to me after a conversation we had about Thai entertainment. I told him how Spinsters vs. Casanovas was the first "soap opera" that took out the uber-soapy elements and tried to focus more on friendship, the working woman, being single in your thirties, and god forbid an older woman-younger man relationship (gasp!). I told him I was really starting to like what's happening to the entertainment scene there, and he suggested I see a music video for Hormones, and that sealed the deal.

But honestly I don't know what it is with Thai culture that creates these creatures of sound. I'm trying to understand it, I guess, because it is a big part of who I am. With the relatives over so constantly these days, it's been a constant battle for my own identity. They are just so loud, and most of the time make me want to retreat into my room and tape manga over my ears to block out their bullet-speed dialog.

But anyway, I'm waiting for Grand Hotel season 3 as well. I haven't watched a costume drama in a while because I just haven't had time. Even while I was watching Hormones, I was constantly nodding off due to lack of sleep.

Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on October 23, 2014, 12:52:42 AM
It must be kind of awkward spending time with your ex to search for your cat. Or maybe not, I guess it depends on your relationship. Anyway, ever since I finished watching the second season of Gran Hotel, I haven't been able to really get into anything else apart from the Mindy Project. It shows how much I grew to like this show. But it's also true that the beginning of this season of the Vampire Diaries was pretty weak...
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on November 14, 2014, 10:55:31 PM
It's rather old but a few months ago, I watched Firefly ( I liked it. Everything wasn't perfect, the storyline seemed to like direction, although it has its charm (and can be easily justified) but the characters were well-fleshed out and the world building was interesting. It kind of reminded me of Star Wars, but I haven't watched the movies in years. Speaking of Star Wars, I found out this summer that my younger siblings have never watched any Star Wars movie. It was kind of a shock to me since me and my brothers (the ones closest in age to me) grew up watching episodes 4, 5 and 6 on repeat.  :huh:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Stiletto on November 18, 2014, 05:16:00 PM
Girl, Iíve survived 34 years without having seen any Star Wars films. Your siblings will be alright. :butsubutsu:

Hats and I worked through the first six episodes on Youtube of Spinsters vs. Casanovas while peeling potatoes to prep for our Thanksgiving dinner, which weíre doing on the 23rd instead of the 26th because of the familyís conflicting schedules. Hats might have a lot more to say on the matter, being the critical hippo that she is, but me? I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Yes, I am an unabashed Thai drama addict. I love pairings and silliness and gag-inducing romance. But even I had to admit that the last drama I saw, Roy Fun Tawan Duerd with Nadech Kugiyama and Yaya U., was embarrassing to watch, especially when you know that Nadech was adopted by a Japanese father, but he's really Belgian-Thai, and they donít seem to have a clue what real Japanese people are like.

Spinsters is one of the better ones this year. Rather than being a true and blue rom-com, it played out as a parody of thai soap operas. We couldnít stop laughing.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on November 19, 2014, 12:24:59 AM
@ Caro: I've seen the older SW films, but not any of the newer ones. Even if people haven't seen the film, it's so pervasive to pop culture that I doubt your siblings wouldn't know who Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker is.

As for TV series, me and the ex are starting Firefly as well!  :huh: I'm kind of afraid to invest in a short-lived series, but we did buy the movie Serenity after all, so it should feel "complete"?
@ Stiletto: Tsk, tsk. You don't know me very well if you think I'd be overly critical. I don't hold Thai dramas up to the same standards as I do, say, Western dramas. Have to factor in cultural differences after all. Needless to say, at its very core, the script, chemistry between cast members, acting and the comedy in Spinsters works...if you understand Thai soap references, that is. Because at the end of the day, a lot of it IS a parody of the genre, and if you are not familiar with thai lakorn, then some references will just fly right over your head.

For instance, the "leading hero always - and I mean ALWAYS - comes to save the heroine right when or before she collapses" trope.

Int., Club House, muted disco music

Maple collapses like a sack of potatoes and her friend, Walai, with her Ripped Gym Instructor Hubby rush to her side. Even though her husband could probably lift Maple with one hand, he looks helplessly at his wife.

Ripped Gym Instructor Hubby: What should we do?

Walai: We have to wait for her prince on a white horse to come!

Ripped Gym Instructor Hubby: Usually the leading man arrives pretty fast. He's even faster than the police!

The romantic scenes were surprisingly...cute too. I'm a total sucker for Maple & her adorably geeky intern Krit. They are my new crack pairing fandom. The 10-year age gap doesn't even bother me.

Krit: You should try going to a temple. My mother was just like you. She was always angry and had a bad temper, so she went to the temple for meditation. You wouldn't believe this. When she came back--
Maple (interrupting him with a tone of wonder and excitement): She became calm and serene, as if she was a whole new person?
Krit (deadpan): She's the same.

With that said, only 1-6 and 7 part 1 has been subbed. I've struggled to watch it without subs and I can assure you that the latter half bar the final episode looks like an experiment gone horribly wrong.  Guess I'm going to have to hold judgement until all the translations are out.

And I've just got one last thing to say... Are you using J's laptop, Stiletto? You are, aren't you? Damn you!
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on November 19, 2014, 02:11:15 AM
Haha, regarding Firefly, its short length is exactly what convinced me to watch it. :D Longer series tend to scare me away. Even when I like them, I usually watch one, two seasons at most, then give up.

But you're right Hats, my siblings, like eveyone else, know the most famous SW references, especially since I tend to quote the movies during the most random conversations. That's why I was surprised when they told me they had never seen any of the movies, even the newer ones. They grew up listening to me mention "Chewie" and they never even thought to ask who it was...   :noserunning:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on December 08, 2014, 12:43:20 AM
I started watching Pretty Little Liars. I liked it at the beginning. It's quite addictive. However, it ends up being very repetitive. In a way, it's very similar to Gossip Girl. I felt like the writers were playing with us, constantly baiting us with this mysterious A and the killer, and always finding new developments. They could easily keep this up for ten more seasons. I ended up dropping it after finishing the first season.  :givenup:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on January 19, 2015, 05:43:44 PM
Shameless started again. I really like this show. I can sort of see myself in Fiona. She's a very touching character. The father is hopeless though. It can lead to funny scenes but he's not particularly interesting in terms of character development.

Reign is still as ridiculously distracting as ever, but I'm getting tired of Francis. This character is completely uninteresting. Sadly, since he can't just die or disappear, the writers keep struggling with him. :umm:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on April 12, 2015, 02:57:22 PM
I find myself facing a dilemma. Watching the leaked episodes of season 5 of Game of Thrones, and subsequently having nothing to watch for a month, or waiting and knowing that I could find out what happens next easily.  :whatwhat:
On another note, I'm surprised Reign got renewed for a third season. When I started watching it, I didn't think it would last past the first season. I wonder what the writers will invent next. Maybe they will finally kill off Francis. The latest episode got my hopes up.  :grin:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on April 15, 2015, 12:51:30 AM
Oh, man, GoT must be super addictive, lol. That means I will have to stay away from it for at least another month since I have loads of work to catch up on, and I want to finish reading some novels in my kindle.  :wahhh:

I'm not sure this counts as a TV show, it's more like variety, but my friend and older sister got me into Running Man and now I am absolutely in love with the cast! According to her, Lee Kwang Soo and I not only share the same birth date year, but we are also equally and mysteriously "unfortunate." And after 227 episodes, I am no longer able to disagree with her. At first she started me off on Episode 190-something, but plopping me down in the middle of something is never a good idea. People tend to grow on me over time, which needed to happen in this case. I put off watching it for two years after her initial intro, only to rediscover the second episode with Song Ji Hyo on youtube, and now I can'

Gaki no Tsukai will always be my bae (already hating self for using the word), but the Running Man cast is a great runner up.


Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: SwirlyOwl on April 15, 2015, 05:01:53 PM
*laughs* I love Running Man too! I started watching it about two years ago after I was searching something new to watch online, I discovered a gem called korean dramas. So... ever since I'm addicted to korean dramas and variety shows. Currently I'm re-watching k-drama called City Hall, I just love that show.

Btw I love Monday couple (I know it's not real but it's fun to watch them).

I can't afford to watch too much of tv or I won't get anything done.   :umm: :huh:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on April 17, 2015, 12:47:00 AM
I think I was kind of secretly hoping Ji Hyo and Haha would be a couple... I honestly believe that if Ji Hyo had not been dating her CEO, something would have happened with those two. There was some obvious mutual attraction from both sides. But well Haha is married now and I love Monday Couple, so it's all good. Ep 237 when Haha cupped Ji Hyo's face in his hands after they won a game had me squeeing inside though... :eto:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on June 09, 2015, 08:51:07 PM
A little part of me is dying inside because Ex-Girlfriend Club got cut to 12 episodes. Even though that is standard for Japanese dramas, and I'm usually reluctant but willing to let go and just savor the series in memory...I am too in love with Myung Soo and Soo Jin to "let go" just yet. What other Kdrama OTP could possibly get me past the first three episodes? NONE BUT THEM. I even went so far as to post about it on one of the streaming sites even though I don't like to post around a lot. This twenty-nine year old hopeless romantic highly approves of the drama and its quirky and sensitive soundtrack as well.

Ugh, I cannot get enough of their cuteness: (
This rom-com is up-to-par in terms of character and dialogue with one of my ultimate favorite Japanese rom-coms Slow Dance.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: SwirlyOwl on June 09, 2015, 10:18:32 PM
      I have heard alot about this k-drama (very good reviews), haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet. Sounds like you rarely enjoy a k-drama or more picky with it than I am.

 Just one for you, wow..... As for OTPs, as for me, since I watched a lot of k-dramas, few I can call it as my favorites. Coffee Prince, City Hall, The Healer, My Love From Another Star, Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice and others. I guess I'm more flexible and some storylines can be a little farfetched or had some "ok" ending. But I enjoyed watching the OTPs and will watch again.    :blush:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on June 10, 2015, 12:25:24 AM
Yeah I'm pretty picky because I have so little time to watch tv. I can only do it when I'm scanning chapters.  :wahhh: Honestly I was about to call this drama quits at epi 2, but was loathed to part with Myung Soo. Byun Yo Han is a chameleon. Could not have asked for a better actor. My top favorite tv actor will always be Eita for his versatility and ability to transform himself into his character, but BYH definitely wins in the eye candy dept. By epi 5, my heart was exploding with the feels.

Next I have to watch My Love From Another Star with my sister though because I promised. How is the acting in that drama?
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on June 10, 2015, 10:17:15 PM
Actually, I'm going to retract my earlier statement of having never watched a kdrama. There was one I saw a little less than a decade ago, before this one: Someday with Bae Doo Na. She was my girl crush from the Japanese teen film, Linda, Linda, Linda (from the same director as A Gentle Breeze in the Village). I also own the entire series of White Tower (medical drama), which is collecting dust as I type, but will be watched soon! Someday! Soon!

The second thing I should retract is my reason for not watching kdramas. It's hard to root out the source of my bias, and I am ulitimately biased against kdramas. /ashamed.
I am convinced that most kdramas are romances, while I prefer the beautifully (yet painfully) SLOW character studies of stuff where the two main leads, even if they are in love, are emotionally-retarded and can't express their feelings, and the romance, if any, is  usually a subplot. (I'm talking about you Soredemo, Ikite Yuku). I also like dramas where the supporting characters are not caricatures but "real people." And the ones my friends and older sister tell me to watch that they THINK I'll like always ends up disappointing me. So that's why. I think Someday and Ex-Gf Club have reopened that door though. It was closed tight, but not anymore. I'm definitely going to try out the ones you've listed, one at a time, a couple of epis every Monday night.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: SwirlyOwl on June 11, 2015, 01:07:13 AM
I completely do understand about being biased against k-dramas. With typical heroine being so clueless about love or search for love, leading men being assholes then suddenly become a good guy, supporting casts who try to get in between OTPs or being backstabbing people or whatever.

Unfortunately, almost all k-dramas have that main focus on love.  :umm: I just focus on good characters/supporting characters and good storylines.

My Love From Another Star, unfortunately, has that typical storyline that mainly focus on falling in love and bitchy second female lead. But what makes it slightly better than all those dramas, the chemistry btw OTPs, awesome acting from female lead (male lead was a little much stoic/blank faced too much for my taste) and I do like supporting characters, unique premise that the leading man can do things that no one can do and humorous moments. So not sure on this one for you liking it so you are on your own to decide if you want to see it.

Coffee Prince, same idea, but it starts out with friendship (with a little lie) that develop into confusion/falling in love later but this one, I love supporting cast.  :blush:

Not sure you will like Pinocchio or I Hear Your Voice. Based on your recent statement.  :huh:

Maybe on City Hall and The Healer. As for Healer, the romance is actually a subplot that slowly develop over the time while it mainly focus on the growth of a leading man and his story.

I heard so much good things about Punch (romance is practically nonexistent in this one) and will find some time to watch it.

Really, it's matter of your taste and weeding thru typical and predictable dramas. That's why I don't waste my time watching it, instead I weed out by reading reviews and watch it if the reviews has captured my interest.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on June 12, 2015, 11:09:29 PM
I don't mind romance, even the mushy kind. I just want it when it's done right. The sad fact is, Korea gets romance. Romance in Japan is emotionally-constipated. Or all about sex. Or too open-ended. And the guys are never really "hot". I get that, really I do.  Like what happened with one of my oldie fave Jdramas, I Want To Love, I Want to Love, I Want to Love. It ends with the girl getting the guy? But, no, she does but she doesn't at the same time. Throughout the whole show he was sleeping with some other woman, and then at the end when he finally realizes he's in love with her, and she runs toward him at the airport...they had the nerve to stop the drama right when she was about to jump into his arms!

Japan made it up to me with Rich Man, Poor Woman. It's just that Oguri Shun is not exactly eye-candy for me, lol.

And then there's the other sad fact, that Japanese men have a hard time expressing affection. This is true in most cases. So just like one of the side-characters in Slow Dance who reeled off on Japanese men, saying to the crowd at her table that they were the reason why Japanese women are now going after Korean guys, I am now starting to watch Kdramas.  :cool:

BUT when I crave an emotional, heart-wrenching drama not focused on romance, I know I'll go back to Jdrama.  :wildthought:

I'll get to wrap up Ex-Gf club this weekend, do some scanlating, and then next week I start Misaeng and My Love From Another Star. Like I said, I don't mind romance, so I want to see the ones you listed. I also heard, to my dismay that they remade  Liar Game in Korea. I was way too invested in Matsuda Shota and Toda Erika's portrayal of the characters, so I'm a little wary to try this one, but these kdrama fans are saying that it's not as bad as I imagined and can stand on it's own ground.

Have you seen that one yet?

Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: badzphoto on June 13, 2015, 01:03:02 AM
I finished watching Dr. Coto on Crunchyroll and enjoyed it quite a lot, some much that I want to read the manga! The manga is available in French all 25 volumes of them!!!
Of course, being JDrama, the key word is drama, there's a drama in each episode. I enjoy the characters all the same.
Hope everyone have a nice weekend.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: cocoyam on June 14, 2015, 01:42:05 AM
I second Coffee Prince!

... Sadly, I have never been able to watch through an entire kdrama. Coffee Prince was the drama I got furthest into. My interest dropped after the main conflict was resolved and the drama moved onto little conflicts, etc. :-( I was almost at the end!

Other dramas I've watched partway through are My Name is Samsoon, Flower Boy next Door.. Oops, I can't remember the rest. /: But, those are decently good and sustain my attention for a little bit before the cliches catch up to me and I lose interest. The other one that I loved is a Taiwanese drama, It Started with a Kiss (based on Itazura no Kiss). I got partway on that one. I think there were a couple eps missing in the middle and it was getting a wee bit dramatic, so I stopped there.

Korea made a decent movie adaption of Antique Bakery, I think.

In terms of TV, I've been watching Orphan Black and Orange is the New Black. I think I'm the reverse of the usual case people have: it's harder for me to get into live action than 2d animation. But I love Orphan Black and watch it whenever a new episode comes out!    :ohh:

Orphan Black is this sci-fi show about these female clones who are all portrayed by one actress, Tatiana Maslany. It's really cool to see her execute their different personalities, and I love the endearing characters and their witty and entertaining quirks/dialogue. (Especially Felix, the gay adopted brother of the main character Sarah. He's hot gay and pretending to be straight.) It plays up the suspense with the sci-fi premise well and has a lot of plot twists.

There was a guy who came over and we were making small talk. He doesn't like sci-fi or fantasy (although he's watched One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc. the popular ones). How could he?!?! I was listing off movies I had never seen, which others typically make a big fuss about, like Lord of the Rings and the Matrix, and he was just like, "Oh, yeah, that's OK, I didn't really like that anyway."  :wahhh: Needless to say small talk was all that happened that day.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: SwirlyOwl on June 14, 2015, 02:47:48 AM
Coyocam, I especially love Orphan Black. Have been watching it since season 1. Now I have to catch up this season. Haven't gotten a chance to find some time to watch it. I did try to watch Orange is the New Black, even though the characters are interesting but I'm not a fan of prison setting. Too depressing for me, lol, to think they are locked up. Another show I love is Walking Dead (I know, it's depressing but it's compelling for me for some reason).

I basically stopped watching USA tv shows because not having enough time and it's hard for me to watch episode by episode basis. I rather wait until the series is over then I'll do a season to see if I want to continue. I had several bad experiences of watching a season of a tv show then it all went to hell in season 2 or beyond storyline-wise. Heroes is a good example.  :huh:

Coffee Prince, of course, had several and predictable little conflicts but they had a decent ending. Better than most k-dramas had (rushed ending or nonsensical ending).

Hats, I did look into J-Dramas (same for taiwanese dramas) but there were more misses than good ones. Enough to scare me away. I care less about appearances as long as they can act. I did hear about Rich Man, Poor Woman and that drama got good reviews so I plan on checking it out. Let me know if there are good/not half bad j-dramas that you think I should try. I hope this summer...... And that one that you suggested, Liar Game (which version?). I will check out Misaeng and Hogu's Love (I heard it's cute drama).

Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on June 14, 2015, 07:30:50 AM
coco: Small talk seems kind of adorable. But it sucks that he doesn't like sci-fi or fantasy. I don't like to write off an entire genre because what if I miss out on a good story? Doesn't matter the setting. I'm big on films, but I have to admit I have never seen LotR or the Matrix series either. I didn't even go to see Cloud Atlas (by the same directors as The Matrix) even though I read the book. I hope you can slowly and gradually break the guy into the sci-fi/fantasy genre though...if you even get to see him again?

You and Swirly keep mentioning Orphan Black. I don't stream most American shows. I wait to buy the series. Like I waited until House M.D. finished its entire original run before buying it... Crazy, I know. I might actually buy the series when it goes on sale at Amazon.  :cheesy:

As for kdramas (once again), I'm still basking in the glow of uber-cuteness that is Myung-Soo and Soo Jin (Ex-Girlfriend Club). The sweet revelation at the end of the series tied things up perfectly, and I think I must have died and resurrected myself a couple times from happiness.

The Liar Game I was talking about was the Korean one. I heard they took a more serious approach to the series, making it a thriller of sorts, and rather than being an underground syndicate, the game is hosted on national televison as a reality game show.

As for J-dramas, it's hard to list them because the general focus is on Chinese and Korean dramas these days, so it's hard to find them online with English subs.

Definitely watch Rich Man, Poor Woman though. It's pretty good.

The other ones I absolutely loved are:

- Woman: About a young woman who loses her husband and has to raise two children on her own. I love the direction of this story. The kids are cute. The relationships between each character is complicated. The flashbacks that shed light on her and her dead husband had me so emotional.

- Soredemo Ikite Yuku: About two young, socially awkward people who reunite 15 years after the girl's brother murdered the guy's younger sister. This one is pretty hard to recc, only because it is sometimes very painful to watch and will test your patience. I cried watching a few scenes. But the cinematography is poignant and beautiful, and the characters are, if not totally relatable, then easy to sympathize with. 

And other notable mentions:
Housekeeper Mita, Hotaru no Hikari, Nodame Cantabile, A Million Stars Falling From the Sky, Power of Love, Slow Dance, Koi ga Shitaix3, Ashita ga Mama wa Inai, Mother, argh too many.

Like I said, you will probably not see them on stream sites. Wish they did have them. There are a lot of good series. Maybe not with better production quality as Korea, but the acting and tight scripts creates some unique and unforgettable stories.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on June 14, 2015, 02:21:35 PM
I'm probably the only one here who watches almost exclusively american tv shows, with the occasional british one, and I'm French. :wahaha:
There was a time when I used to watch a lot of J- and K-dramas, but after a while, I started being bothered by the fact that the storylines and actors were always the same. It's funny how people change, because at the beginning, that's precisely what I liked about those. I guess I found it reassuring, as with the fairytales that I used to read again and again when I was a child, even though I already knew them by heart. Though I probably also got fed up with having to wait or look for subtitles.
But if streaming sites didn't exist, and I had to buy every show I watch, I would probably be far more picky. I would convince my younger brother to buy Game of Thrones with me and that would be it.
As it is, I just finished watching iZombie, which, despite its title, wasn't bad at all, better than I expected, and am about to start with the new season of Orange is the new black. I tried watching Orphan Black a while ago but I gave up before finishing the first season. It just wasn't for me. I also tried watching Downton Abbey more recently. It reminded me of Gran Hotel, but in a more ambitious, british version. However, the charm of Gran Hotel was due to the fact that it didn't take itself too seriously and Downton Abbey clearly had great ambitions. I got bored.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: cocoyam on June 14, 2015, 10:52:03 PM
Coyocam, I especially love Orphan Black.
Coyocam. I like it!  :lalalala:
Another Orphan Black fan! YEY :D
I get not being into the Orange is the New Black thing. I like the show, both for the witty dialogue/quirky characters, but also for the vignettes that show each character's respective backstories, kinda like Cold Case. But it's hard for me to keep up with and to pick back up. I'm on episode 9 or something in the first season and I watch it when I need a break and don't feel like any of my other hobbies/followings.

Homg, Hatsumimi, you make those shows sound very appealing. @_@ Now I can queue these dramas up on my to-watch list! Without recs, I probably wouldn't pick up any dramas.

You and Swirly keep mentioning Orphan Black. I don't stream most American shows. I wait to buy the series. Like I waited until House M.D. finished its entire original run before buying it... Crazy, I know. I might actually buy the series when it goes on sale at Amazon.
This goes along with what I know about you from what you've written in update posts. O_O Still, you'd probably want to test out a couple episodes on stream first to make sure you're interested in the series before purchasing the entire thing, right?

coco: Small talk seems kind of adorable. But it sucks that he doesn't like sci-fi or fantasy. I don't like to write off an entire genre because what if I miss out on a good story? Doesn't matter the setting. I'm big on films, but I have to admit I have never seen LotR or the Matrix series either. I didn't even go to see Cloud Atlas (by the same directors as The Matrix) even though I read the book. I hope you can slowly and gradually break the guy into the sci-fi/fantasy genre though...if you even get to see him again?
I started him off on Samurai Champloo and Wolf Children for now to stick to what I thought he would like based on what he's watched in the past (Miyazaki and those popular long-running action series). If I do see him again, though, which is a question anyway, I'll probably force him to sit through trials of various sci-fi series to test if he'd like any.

He's a bit older than me though so we'd stick to the friends idea. >w< Hats, he's your age! He also works in LA, although he commutes from Orange County. Lemme know if you want me to hook you two up ;) He does have a decent face on him. I'm not sure if he's looking to date since it sounds like he recently broke up (a year ago, so recently-ish). I can definitely probe to find out though :O O: :O

I tried watching Orphan Black a while ago but I gave up before finishing the first season. It just wasn't for me
Now I understand how people feel when someone rejects their favorite show T_T
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Post by: Hats on June 15, 2015, 11:33:56 PM
Coco, youíre not just trying to lump us old folks together cause weíre old are you? :bow:  How wide is the age gap between you two? Iím sorry but what I was angling for was a romance between you two, not with myself. Iíve never met a guy who didnít take a girlís reccs without having some feelings for her. Heck, I havenít taken reccs from anyone unless I LIKED them as a person. Thatís why I canít help wonderingÖwhat if?

I honestly donít know where they stream Japanese shows, but I did a little digging and hereís a site that hosts the ones I was talking about: (

I would definitely give Woman a try because Hikari Mitsushima is an amazing actress. Although I love Eita, she stole the spotlight (and my heart) in the 2011 drama, Soredemo Ikite Yuku, and roped in this lead role for this drama in 2013. Iím glad they recognized her worth. She definitely can carry a lead role. The other one I'm really big on if you like speculative fiction is Keizoku SPEC 2 ( with Ryo Kase and Toda Erika. It'll definitely get your blood pumping.

@Minelauva: Oh, man, Downtown Abbey s1-2 was pure gold. What it became after was just pure crap, especially with Dan Stevens exiting his role the way he did in Season 3.

I recently bought Mr. Selfridge Seasons 1&2 from Wal-mart at a steal. Have you heard of that show? Oh, and the other one I bought on a whim was Broadchurch Season 1 (British version). Iím pretty ignorant of the actors, including David Tennant (for shame). But Iíve been pretty good at putting these off for now while I work on scanlations. :)
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: cocoyam on June 23, 2015, 07:03:20 AM
Coco, youíre not just trying to lump us old folks together cause weíre old are you? :bow:  How wide is the age gap between you two? Iím sorry but what I was angling for was a romance between you two, not with myself. Iíve never met a guy who didnít take a girlís reccs without having some feelings for her. Heck, I havenít taken reccs from anyone unless I LIKED them as a person. Thatís why I canít help wonderingÖwhat if?
Just kidding. I think it's more like I'm one of those twisted people who get a wicked sense of gratification from matchmaking and I just hadn't discovered it until now since I haven't had the opportunity due to my limited male acquaintances.
I apologize for giving into that impulse.

In any case, to answer your question, he and I are eight years apart: he's 29 and I'm 21. But I think we're rather too similar in personality, both reserved and mundane people. Normally another introverted person wold be a plus in my book, but in this case there wasn't a lot of chemistry. Maybe if we had met under different circumstances I might have been interested.

I'll give those shows a shot sometime, Hats :3

We started another show during thesis boredom, called 'Masters of Sex.' Don't get the wrong impression! There are some raunchy scenes but it has a good (albeit mostly invented) story. Set in mid-century America and based on two real individuals who were sex research pioneers during that time. I cried ugly sobs at the ending of episode 5.  :wahhh: We had a hard time resisting watching too much more of it when we should be focusing on thesis.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on August 19, 2015, 02:50:45 AM
Mad Men dipped to the $7-$8 price range on Amazon, and I splurged on Seasons 1-6. I know it's crazy, but this is what I'll be tackling next. I haven't touched the sealing keeping the DVDs safely tucked away from my anxious eyes. I've already promised myself I would get through some scripts and QC's first. But I'm really excited to be watching this drama, and I've done a really good job of ignoring coworkers when they were talking about it at work, so I feel like I'm going into this with a really fresh mind.

Still battling my GoT wariness. I bought the first book on Kindle to drum up some interest. I feel like whether I watch the TV show will depend on whether I like the book or not.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on August 20, 2015, 09:49:39 PM
Tell me if you like the book! I've been hesitating to read it. It seems good, but incredibly long.
You already know what I think about the show. It's definitely not perfect, but it raises some interesting points.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on September 23, 2015, 08:12:39 PM
I was excited when I learned that The Mindy Project started again but I've been bit disappointed about the first episodes. The tone of the series has shifted slightly. The show is now more focused about Mindy and Dany's relationship and the secondary characters, who added a lot of charm to the first seasons, are barely present. It was also unsettling that things evolved so fast between them after such a slow start. I thought the pregnancy would last for most of the season. Instead, it barely lasted two episodes.  :huh:
I can't wait for Reign to start again. The second half of the latest season wasn't particularly interesting. The show started to take itself far too seriously for my taste. Besides, the twists in the story were handled particularly badly. But there are still good elements (Megan Follows!) so I'm looking forward to the start of season 3. It's the perfect occasion for a fresh start.
Meanwhile, I've been watching Mr. Selfridge.  :mecool:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on September 24, 2015, 03:01:15 AM
I'm actually excited Hulu decided to pick up TMP, Caro, but now that you mentioned the shifting focus, it's a bit of a downer. I was hoping they'd expand on the other characters, since the cast - excluding Danny and Mindy - still feel like caricatures. Don't get me wrong, I love Danny and Mindy together. That's one of my biggest reasons for continuing to watch the series. That strip-tease Danny did for Mindy before hopping into bed at the beginning of s3? Left me smiling for weeks.  :kekeke: BUT I wanted the show to feel more "real". I know it's a sitcom, and I shouldn't expect too much, but I can't help wishing for more.

A friend of mine pitched "Fresh Off the Boat" ( to me because she said the family reminded her of my family, so I've been catching a few eps on Amazon. I find it hilariously relatable. The dad wanting to own a cowboy restaurant totally reminds me of my dad's insatiable dream of becoming a Texas cowboy. I hardly watch family sitcoms, but this one was just too interesting to miss out on.

I don't know what is up with my sleep schedule though. Recently I've been feeling sleepy ALL the time, and nothing gets done. I'm still stuck on Ep2 of UK's State of Play (the TV version with James McAvoy). It took me two weeks to watch ONE episode. Now you've even beat me to Selfridge! It's still in shrink-wrap on my shelf! Eek!
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on October 04, 2015, 02:19:47 PM
I finished watching season 2 of Mr. Selfridge then I decided to take a break. It's good but after watching two seasons, the show was starting to become predictable.
I like Fresh off the boat. It's enjoyable as far as sitcoms go, and I await each episode eagerly. I can't really relate to it, but that's part of its appeal to me.
I also started to watch Dominion. I'm about to finish season 1. It's not bad, but I find its character development a bit lacking.
About TMP, I love watching the evolution of Mindy and Danny's relationship, but as you pointed out, it's the only thing in the show that feels real. The other characters are only here to add some comic relief here and there. It's such a shame. I still enjoy watching it though.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on October 07, 2015, 03:17:12 AM
I'm half-way through Season 1, Part 1 of Outlander. I kept having trouble getting the video to load on my new Kindle Fire 8 HD though, so I gave up midway through Epi 5. Anyway, it's a pretty good show but I don't really find the sex scenes tasteful. I'm not asking them to take it away completely but sometimes it felt like I was watching soft-core porn. That's only a small portion of the beginning, so it wasn't enough to detract me from enjoying the rest of it. I'm a sucker for time travel, and this being based on the series by Diana Gabaldon, I was eager to see it. Damn, that guy who plays Jamie McTavish is hot. He is just way too hot, even in a tartan. But then again, I've always had a thing for kilts and tartans...  :cheesy:

I haven't watched anything on Syfy recently except for Continuum. I'll have to check out Dominion if I've got enough moola by next month. It looks pretty cool.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on October 04, 2016, 06:25:05 AM
I originally posted it in the cbox, but thought better to move it here. There's so much ranting I need to get off my chest. I had a lot of pent up sadness over the loss of my cat (weird, I know), and I thought I'd watch a show to laugh it off only to walk away really pissed off...

I forgot all about TMP moving from FOX to Hulu, and didn't realize the show was even back until the entire season 4 popped up on my Amazon Video recommendations. You can't believe how excited I was! Last thing I remembered was Danny flying all the way to India to knock on Mindy's parents' door.

So, yes, of course I'd buy the entire season! I knew I'd love it because I thought I'd get to see the magic that Danny and Mindy create whenever they're on-screen together, whether they're bickering, spouting corny stuff, or in a deep and serious conversation with each other. But all that flew out the window after their breakup. Don't get me wrong, I get why they may have seemed "so wrong" for each other. But the "magic" was in the line that Danny said in Season 3, how they make each other better people. I mean, come on, Mindy's not that likable herself either. They both seemed perfect together because they were both changing to become better people together. That was the point.

I did feel they were rushing Danny and Mindy's relationship too fast in Season 2-3. FOX was threatening to cancel the show, so they never knew whether it would be renewed for another season or not. So for me, Danny and Mindy were meant to be endgame.

These latest developments in Season 4 really killed off the love I originally had for the show. I get that they broke up, but why are they so desperate to try and ERASE all the good memories we had of Mindy and Danny? I was invested in their relationship since its genesis in 2012. I feel like I was the one in the relationship and am feeling all the stages of grief that comes with a breakup. How am I supposed to move on so fast? I don't know. The way it's going, I don't even care if she chooses Jody. They've retconned the hell out of Danny, to the point where neither Mindy nor Danny are missing the so-called friendship they've built with each other over the last three seasons.

I know that making him out to be a villain will make it easier for most of the audience to see Danny exit, but Jody's not the right guy. At least not for me. I just don't see the spark. Hopefully they find THE ONE for Mindy. I don't want another case like Ally Mcbeal where Robert Downey Jr's character who was meant to be Ally's endgame got into that drug scandal and had to be kicked off the show. So they ended it with her and Jon Bon Jovi - but no! They ended it with her choosing to be a single mom to a daughter that mysteriously appears at her door. Right now it just feels like the writers were pissed at Chris Messina and took it out on him in the script.

One good thing that I did get out of Season 4 is more Jeremy. He's actually got some character now, and I feel he's finally part of the crew.

Do I want to invest in another season of TMP? I don't know. I think I'm just going to wait to see what other viewers say once it returns to Hulu tomorrow. I don't want Danny to be just another hot ex/sex partner for Mindy. He deserves way more than that. But I know it would be hard to keep him in the show now that he's finally getting meatier roles in serious film... If anything, I'm keeping my Seasons 1-3 DVDS, and I'm going to just convince myself that FOX cancelled the show and it never got picked up and all of this is just a bad dream.

/end rant  :butsubutsu:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on October 04, 2016, 04:49:17 PM
I was also extremely disappointed by TMP's latest season. It used to be my favorite show but now, I don't even care anymore that it's starting again soon.
I don't understand why they basically chose to write Danny off the show. It doesn't make sense to me. It wasn't even a way to give Mindy's character more development. The show just took a new start, and not a good one in my opinion. Mindy is even more shallow than before because her relationship with Danny used to give her more depth. For three seasons, she and Danny felt like the only well developed characters of the show. Their relationship was the only thing that felt real about the show. They tried to compensate by giving more development to the other characters but didn't succeed. Now, Mindy just seems as fake as the other characters.
I also basically chose to ignore season 4 and consider the ending of season 3 as the true ending of the show because what happens afterwards just doesn't make sense to me.
I honestly don't understand why they let Chris Messina go though. He was the best actor in the show. He gives life to the scenes he stars in. Without him, the show is clearly lacking something. Mindy has charm but she's not such a great actress. She clearly can't carry the show on her own and having all these secondary characters revolve around her doesn't help. The only reasonable explanation is that Chris Messina chose to appear less. Maybe he had other projects, maybe there was a disagreement with the producers when they renegociated his contract, who know...

Since TMP was so disappointing last year, I started watching other shows. I've been following The 100, on the CW, for two years and it's not bad at all. It's not perfect. Some mistakes were clearly made, especially in the latest season, but it's still a very good sci-fi show. It's really entertaining. Well-written shows about teenagers are quite rare. I really like the fact that romantic relationships are important in the show, which makes sense, without being central. The two main characters are clearly meant to be endgame but their relationship is built on trust instead of attraction. It's compelling.

I also like Fresh off the boat and Jane the virgin but don't really feel emotionnally invested in them;
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on October 05, 2016, 04:47:27 AM
Technically, they didn't kick Messina off the show, so you're right about him choosing to appear less. He's busy filming for Ben Affleck's film Live By Night (2017). Messina hasn't promoted for TMP in a year, his film career is advancing steadily, and it seems like the audience absolutely hates Danny now anyway. It's like they all got zapped with a memory-erasing neuralyzer a la Men in Black. Writing him off is inevitable, but I think that's what everybody - Chris, Mindy, and the writers - want.

Now that I've had some time to cool my head off, I do realize that it was a pipe dream to want a beautiful rom-com out of an American sit-com. I was hoping for too much, and only paving the way for my own disappointment. I read spoilers on today's premiere episode on Hulu, and it seems like they at least made the right choice in ***BIG SPOILER*********having Mindy ditch Jody Kimball-Kenny****END SPOILER***. There was no spark between them. I know it's a train-wreck, but I still want to see how it all plays out in the end...

Ugh, I hate myself for even saying that.

The 100 seems like a good, solid sci-fi that I'm willing to get into. I'm not sure why I never heard about it though. It's got plenty of great reviews on Amazon, so I'm going to purchase the first episode and see if I like it enough to continue. I wish I hadn't spent so much money on anime this year, so I could see more shows. Do they have it on Netflix?

Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on October 05, 2016, 03:40:18 PM
They do! That's how I watched the first season actually.

Unexpectedly, I didn't like the new episode of TMP. I was not even relieved by the break-up because I had been expecting it for a while. Mindy and Danny's relationship was clearly presented to us as endgame but Mindy and Jody's wasn't. I'm still glad. I don't like Jody's character so it would be a good thing if he appeared less. I wonder if they will try to replace Danny though. As sad as it is, since it's supposed to be an homage to rom-coms, the show seems bland without a main love interest.

The idea behind the current storyline is rather good. Prince Charming doesn't exist and choosing to be alone is better than settling down. I've always liked the fact that Mindy is a successful, independent woman and that her job is so important to her that the show revolves around her workplace. But Danny's behavior in the latest episode was simply not believable to me. It completely destroys what was built during the first three seasons. It was so exaggerated I don't think I would have believed it even if it had been a new character. It was probably the first time Messina's acting was truly bad. There were no nuances and I could tell he wasn't into it. It was probably too different from the way he had built the character. Danny is a catholic man with a strong moral sense. He can be stubborn and set in his ways but he's not selfish and self-centered. That's Mindy's weak point, not his, so he would never act that way. I think what disappoints me the most is not Mindy and Danny's break-up, it's the way it was handled. It was completely out of character for Danny. But I also think Danny would never have given up on a relationship and on the chance to have a family just because he refused to compromise, so I'm clearly not objective. After the way Danny's character was butchered though, I really hoping he won't appear much in the future.
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on November 13, 2016, 07:01:38 PM
I can't stop watching The Expanse. It's so good! It's a very good sci-fi show, realistic and understated.  I love how they're not desperately trying to copy HBO's approach. :puppyeye:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on December 06, 2016, 07:31:53 AM
I'm on a period drama binge again. I seriously failed to finish Gran Hotel Season 3 before Netflix mercilessly tore it from my grip. I was in the middle of the fifth to the last episode, and they removed it. Bah! But I don't think I'll miss it. Season 3 was an abomination. The only good thing going was feisty and virginal Maite (minus the anachronistic pants). It was so anti-climactic not having the "last battle" be between Julio and Diego. As cliche as it sounds, it's what would have made it right. Instead, we're introduced to a completely new bad guy who has gained little sympathy from me and  whom has turned Diego into a neutered caricature of himself. No, it was fine for them to take it away.

I fell in love with The Crown (2016) and short-lived Lilies (2007), but it's now Turkish drama, Lovebird, that has captured my attention.

At first I really hated the main character, Feride, as a child. The hell is wrong with her? I thought. Why can't she just listen to what people tell her to do? Why is she always so naughty and moody? I clucked and admonished her with my tongue. But then I realized that this annoying brat reminded me of the child I was, always throwing tantrums, running around with the boys, and perpetually caught on camera with a pout or arms crossed. Damn, I was an annoying little kid.

I still disliked Child Feride, but at least now I could identify with her.

The cousin, Kamran, grew up into one of the most beautiful men I've ever laid eyes on. I'm sorry, Kamran. Whenever you are onscreen, I'm not sure I'm even hearing what you were saying because I am too busy staring at your face. But I'm only kidding. He's a precocious character who always has a bit of a twinkle in his eyes when he smiles at Feride. I know they are cousins, but why do I find their relationship so beautiful and poetic rather than incestuous and horrifying?

Mine: The Expanse is not available for those of us in the US yet. You're making me sad.  :wahhh:

Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Minelauva on May 04, 2017, 08:46:37 PM
Speaking of period dramas, I started watching a new show on Netflix today, Cable Girls ( I only watched the first episode so far but it was not bad at all. It has a lot of similarities with Gran Hotel so I wasn't surprised to learn that it has the same director and producers.

Edit: I finished watching the first eight episodes. The plot is completely unbelievable but that's part of the appeal. There are love triangles (plural because there are several couples), star-crossed lovers, rivals, betrayals, friendships... I have to admit I have a weakness for Yon Gonzales. If I were the heroine, I wouldn't hesitate for one second, but then there would be no show.  :wildthought:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on May 11, 2017, 03:05:49 AM
I have it queued up on Netflix. After I finish Calikusu I'm definitely definitely going to see this one!  :ohh:
Title: Re: TV shows & dramas
Post by: Hats on December 11, 2017, 10:08:27 PM
As promised, I finished Cable Girls Season 1. Yon Gonzales has aged a little too well, damnit. And the good thing is that I feel he has a little more depth in this series than in Gran Hotel. His motivations are still unclear, and like Alba, I can't trust him but am drawn to him. (That butt-grab though!  :huh:)I'm surprised at how much I like the second male lead. I want to see him claw his way up to the top. I love the friendship between the four female characters, although I was pretty shocked at how raunchy it got. I think the only thing that didn't work out for me was the music. There's nothing wrong with using contemporary music for a period piece. Just that their choices were all wrong (for me). Still, when the trailer dropped for Season 2, I was shivering with excitement. Nothing going to stop me from seeing it now.

This week, I was in bed sick for a few days. While I was QC'ing on my laptop, I had A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 1 playing on the Netflix app on my TV. I should not have ended with the Lemony Snicket series, because that cliffhanger in Ep 7 put my heart through the wringer. I mean, I have not recuperated ever since.